How Technology Helps Digital Age Principals To Tackle Challenges - Part 02

How Technology Helps Digital Age Principals To Tackle Challenges - Part 02
Gurudev Somani October 15, 2018

Increasing Parental Involvement

A century ago, parents were happy just to receive a single letter from the school informing them about a parent-teacher meet or may be the result of their child. But with changing scenarios has come the huge responsibility of engaging parents in the scholastic activities.

Parents today, expect the schools to keep them well-informed about their wards' scholastic activities on a daily basis and are happy to get involved. A school mobile app along with a online school management software will surely assist you in communicating with parents and meet their expectations. Also, engaging parents with your students' scholastic activities is sure to improve student outcomes apart from motivating the children to perform better and excel in ways more than one.

The data and information collected in real time from the school software can be shared with parents and teachers can discuss the most effective collaboration between teachers and parents to drive pupil progress. also notifications about attendance video fee dues, etc. can be sent to parents to keep them up to date.

Appropriate Curriculum Designing

The skills that were in demand a few years ago are not so important anymore. A digital age principal has the responsibility to predict the future and design a curriculum which stays compatible with future industrial or job requirements. For instance, a decade ago, social media manager, data scientist or a cloud architect wasn't a job, but now it is. The principals today, need to be able to prepare the students for future requirements and act accordingly.

Designing a curriculum that is comprehensive, coherent yet up to date is in itself a tedious, time-consuming task. A curriculum mapping system gives you the right tools to bring about multiple changes in the curriculum design and prepare the exact syllabus you need. A customized outcome-based education management system allows the principal and teachers to effortlessly map the mission with course outcomes in the most efficient manner.

Smart Budgeting

It is no secret that every school struggles to achieve an optimum budget and spend wisely to maintain sufficient balance. However, more often than not, things don't go as planned and a lot of expenses are to be cut. Principals can ensure that such a situation never arises by managing budget smartly by maintaining a protocol which restricts spendings.

A campus management system allows you, as a principal, to allow budgets department-wise. You can also define a passing authority path through which any request for purchase or spending can be pass. This not only offers you visibility but also gives you complete control. Moreover, the BI tools help you to analyze crucial information predict trends based on accurate facts which further helps you in smart budgeting.

Additionally, a student information system streamlines your processes and saves a lot of paper. As it is a paperless solution, you can save the costs of printing, stationery and heaps of files. The overall product of using an ERP is a cost efficient campus.

Improving Student Outcome

The most crucial and perhaps the most difficult-to-achieve goal of any principal, regardless of the century or era, is improving student outcomes. There is no perfect a-one-size-fits-all solution to make every student excel. But there surely are a number of things a principal can do to make sure that each and every student benefits from the education that is being imparted to them on a daily basis.

Firstly, a principal should monitor attendance and try to find out the underlying cause of the absence of students. The attendance can easily be tracked with the help of student attendance management system which also provides you dashboards - BI tools that give you instant, accurate and concise data. Secondly, a personalized learning plan with short and long term goals can be drawn out with the help of the student information management system. This ensures that every student is addressed in a specific way that they need to achieve their goals.

Nextly, you can track the performance of each student by conducting various tests, quizzes, or exams and analyzing how well they are doing or which areas need more focus and attention. This can effortlessly be achieved by dashboards and analytics.

In conclusion, a smart student information system can greatly help a digital age principal in a digital way in every which manner possible.

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