Global Education Policies Adopted by Various Governments during the Covid-19

Global Education Policies Adopted by Various Governments during the Covid-19
Gaurav Somani August 24, 2020

Much before the Covid-19 pandemic, the global educational system was facing zillions of challenges in fulfilling the basic educational needs of students.

Now that things have gone to another dimension, educators have started brainstorming the possible solutions that could save the "educational ecosystem". They have started analyzing the loopholes, shocks & aftershocks of virus Covid-19 to come up with a staunch solution.

In the quest of making survival policies for the new grounds of a digitized world, the Government of countries such as the US, the UAE, and India have decided to take crucial steps.

Let's understand their plan step-by-step...

#1:Educational Practices in the US

As the Corona crisis is unfolding day-by-day, causing economic, social, and financial disruptions, the government in the US has strictly prioritized the health of students, faculty, and educators. For ensuring a 360 degree safety of learners, they have made the provision of online teaching-learning classes. The following three are the major parameters that are being taken care of.

A) Distance Learning Tools

EdTech tools that can maintain quality education without the stress of distance & other types of barriers between teachers and students. The government has turned to ICT, and ensuring on-time & online delivery of video lessons, accurate e-content, and regular assessment practices.

B) Focus on Inclusive Learning

The government is taking various measures to strengthen the voice of every learner - underprivileged and specially-abled kids. They want to reach all students and address their concerns to make "quality education for all" a reality.

C) Complete Support for the Faculty

While the needs of learners are crucial, one can't ignore the needs of teachers. It's utmost important to provide them faculty management systems & edTech tools like communication systems, analytics software for reports generation, etc. So, the government is looking after the faculty as well.

#2: The UAE: Aiming to Upgrade the Standard of Education

Understanding the requirements of modern-day students, UAE's Ministry of Education (MOE) had launched a 5 years education plan (2017-2021) thoughtfully. The plan is specifically designed to achieve consistent growth in the teaching-learning process. The following points summarize the part of the educational strategy-

  • Licensing & evaluation systems
  • Revision of syllabus & curriculum
  • Smart learning programs

Speaking of the values, it includes the given parameters-

  • Responsibility
  • Citizenship
  • Values & Principles of Islam
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Transparency in system
  • Justice
  • Equality
  • Technology & Innovation

All-in-all, quality education remains the key point!

#3: India: Revolutionizing the Education Norms

The "National Education Policy 2020" introduced by the Government of India has become the talk of the town since its inception. It is being praised worldwide. According to reports of leading news portal in the UAE called the Khaleej Times,

"Schools and universities in the UAE welcomed India's new educational policy, hailing the reforms as 'futuristic' that will eventually make the country a great study destination for all"

This kind of response from another country is itself a proof of how wonderfully the new policy has been crafted. The NEP 2020 has introduced a lot of changes; I am mentioning the key highlights here to give you an idea of how things will head-

  • "10+2" gets replaced with "5+3+3+4"
  • Single regulator for HEIs
  • Multiple entry and exit points in degree courses
  • No M.Phil program in future
  • Common entrance test for various universities
  • Inclusion of mother-tongue/regional language in education
  • ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in education
  • Digital infrastructure building
  • Distance learning education
  • National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education
  • Scholarships to students in private organizations

The ultimate aim of NEP 2020 is to pay attention to skill development in children rather than just teaching them theoretical aspects of a subject. The ultimate goal is to make the dream of "100% youth and adult literacy" come true!

Key Takeaways

In a nutshell, the education system across the world is going through a new phase of change that would help students & faculty fit in the digitalization world.

Things may proceed in the same direction even after the pandemic ends in future.

So, educators must prepare themselves mentally to adopt the virtual classroom concept to gain long-term outcomes.

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