How Are Automation & AI Changing The Education Landscape?

How Is AI Responsible For Changing The Education Landscape
Gurudev Somani November 26, 2018

From tech-free zones to hi-tech digital zones, classrooms have surely come a long way! Gone are the days when students were admonished for having a digital device with them.

A trip to the computer room, a lesson on a TV, or an educational slideshow were the only times when students got in touch with technology. But today, technology and education have become inseparable. Digital gadgets are a part of every class on a daily basis.

It started with computers and has now reached a level where almost the whole campus is automated. Be it teaching and learning or administrative tasks, each process is now digitalized with the help of campus management system, e-learning, digital classrooms, etc.

Here are the ways AI is transforming the education landscape.

Automated Administrative Processes

An important part of the classroom and the school is the administrative processes. From assessing and grading test papers and essays to managing everyday activities, teachers have a lot on their plate. But these administrative tasks although important, do not support a teacher's main aim - to educate learners.

Automating such tasks will provide teachers with ample amount of time to focus on what matters - teaching. Teachers can channelize their time and energy in creating better, innovative techniques for teaching and hence will be able to focus more on every student and his needs. AI can be developed to grade essays and help out the teacher with efficiently managing the daily classroom life.

Smart Content Based Lectures

Digital content can be created by robots with equal grammatical prowess as humans. This technology is finally coming into use, with many classrooms deploying it. With the help of AI, textbooks can be digitized and hence digital learning interfaces can be customized for any type, age, and range of student.

Not all students have the same level of capabilities and hence, with the help of AI, easily understandable chapter summaries, flashcards, etc can be created according to each student in a class. Digital content like videos, audios, and digital lectures can be made as per a particular student's requirements.

Thus, by reducing the workload on the teacher and enhancing the efficiency of the teaching-learning process, AI definitely has the potent to change the way students are educated.

Advanced Personalization And Smart Educators

Apart from smart study guides and digital content creation, AI can do a lot more to enhance the student classroom experience along with outside the classroom experience. For instance, AI can act as a digital assistant to students having difficulty understanding or grasping a topic.

Smart tutoring systems make use of data from particular students so as to work directly with them and even provide feedback. Although AI is still in its early stages and yet to be fully developed, it is expected to get completed soon enough.

Once ready, it will be able to work as a digital professor capable of fulfilling the varying needs of students in any field or area. Such platforms will adapt to a huge variety of learning styles, grasping power, etc, to provide maximum help to every learner and teacher. With highly advanced personalization, AI is set to change the education sector in the form of a digital lecturer.

Virtual Learning Environment

Imagine students getting help not only in the way they need but also whenever they require assistance. There won't be any need for students to wait for an email reply from their teachers or for a one-on-one session with them.

Students will also be able to ask any kind of questions any number of times and will get a personalized answer with videos and all kinds of learning materials. This will pave way for a virtual learning environment and will also open new doors of opportunities for students.

Not only this will be of great help to students outside the classroom but will also be helpful with projects and assignments. AI has the potent to create a virtual learning environment where the learners will be able to learn in many ways.

Thus, AI, in the near future can and most probably will change the way education is provided to students.

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