Modular Student Information System Enabling Flexibility

Implement workflow-driven systems for enhanced flexibility through a tailored Higher Ed SIS.
Manage essential student data within a centralized student management software, fostering seamless interdepartmental communication and segregating information with role-specific access.

student data security

Student data Security

Ensure the utmost security for sensitive student data using robust measures such as role-based access, powerful encryption, and multiple backups within your SIS.

customized solutions

Configurable solutions

Streamline all campus operations through customizable solutions that seamlessly integrate institute-specific workflows, automating every facet of the process.

state regulatory compliance

State regulatory Compliance

Ensure adherence to state regulatory requirements with tailored reports that can be easily configured to align with both institutional and regulatory prerequisites.

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Student Information System

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Experience real-time department, faculty, and student insights through interactive dashboards. Tailor reports for admissions, exams, and beyond with our student management system. Instantly access student records, grades, and attendance using NLP-powered reports.

Graphical analysis

Harness graphical analysis to replace manual calculations, accessing actionable insights through intuitive dashboards. Drive informed decisions and cater to diverse student needs through data-driven insights, fostering inclusive engagement and equitable support.


With our student management system, you can use existing dashboard filters and customize reports to obtain compliance-ready data. Additionally, consider integrating tools such as trend analysis, student performance trackers, and resource utilization metrics to enhance dashboard functionality.

Role-based access

Empower data security through role-based SIS dashboards: limited insights for educators, comprehensive access for admins. This layered approach guarantees authorized personnel access, ensuring the highest confidentiality standards for student information.


Manage received student applications within the SIS to create a merit list database. Seamlessly send system-generated offer letters to prospects via email using the pre-admissions system. For effective financial management, choose our dynamic Fee Collection System, which calculates fees based on course/subject weightages.


Student information stored within the lead management system seamlessly integrates with the admission module, eliminating redundancy and facilitating streamlined processing. Generate bulk Registration IDs and facilitate fee collection through online portals or offline methods.


Upon confirming admissions, document verification is finalized, and a student information system repository is established to house scanned copies of student documents in the institute database. Generate enrollment numbers efficiently in bulk. Employ our advanced help desk ticketing tool for prompt issue resolution.

Admissions Management System


Fee Management System


Define fee types

Set up multiple fee types, including tuition, exams, and lodging, with corresponding receipt options. Define charge categories, standard fees, and guidelines in the ERP. Instantly generate fee demands for students and assign varying fees for different subjects and courses.

Fee collection

Manage fees effortlessly using our student information system. Choose from online, offline, or counter collection methods, with integrated payment gateways for seamless transactions. Benefit from smart fee calculations based on course and subject weightages, enhancing financial management within our comprehensive system.

Other utilities

The modules serve various fee-related functions, including fee refunds, write-offs, fine collections, and fee clearance. They also handle grants, discounts, and offer quick report generation for diverse tasks.

Hostel admission

Once the hostel particulars are set in the system—like the count of hostels, blocks, rooms, and amenities—the admission process shifts online. Students can be allocated rooms automatically, following either merit or a first-come, first-served approach.

Mess management

Establish a mess entity within the system, linking it to an individual hostel or a cluster of hostels, and outline mess charges and costs. Archive details about mess staff and inventory in the system. Compute monthly spending and calculate individual student mess bills seamlessly.

Hostel accounts

Administering hostel financial matters, including payments for hostel and mess fees, staff remuneration, and beyond. Leveraging the integrated capabilities of the student management software ensures seamless management of hostel penalties and charges through online payment platforms.

Other utilities

Effortlessly handles various hostel functions regardless of your location. This includes tasks like staff payroll, attendance, and service records management. Also, it efficiently allocates rooms for occupants and visitor management. Moreover, the system offers customizable SMS and email notifications to suit your requirements.

Hostel Management

hostel management




Discover cutting-edge software employing modern tech such as Interactive Teaching-Learning Environment (ITLE) to amplify student engagement. Accessible on any web-enabled device, this tool enriches classrooms. Integrate SIS with LMS for a seamless e-learning experience.


Leveraging the module, educators effectively connect with modern students, harnessing the digital era's potential. They can share updates, provide online resource links, manage forums, create syllabi, deliver lecture notes, and address FAQs through the integrated student information system.


Engaging in diverse online activities, students can take online exams, submit assignments, access the E-library, participate in discussions, and more. They can also access teaching plans and receive notifications through SMS, Email, or the app within the student information system.


Within the student management system, the ERP outlines the entire examination process, including class-specific exam structures, subject specifications, pass marks range, grace regulations, grading standards, passing criteria, and crucial data.

Time table and seating plan

Use SIS to coordinate exams across classes and designate invigilation roles. Also, organizes seating plans based on institute guidelines, aligning faculty, students, and subjects. Generates exam materials, including attendance records and seating charts.

Post exam & result processing

Upon validation of entered marks, the student information system generates result outputs. Results are accessible through the mobile app and website, with parents receiving notifications via SMS, email, or app push notifications.


With a simple click, the student management software can effortlessly generate examination results, including grade cards, mark sheets, tabulation registers, transcripts, certificates like provisional degrees, graduation certificates, convocation reports, and comprehensive MIS reports.

Assessment & Examination management system

examination management

Student Administration Management system

administration management

Student information

Effectively oversee academic data using a well-organized module, streamlining the organization of student information. Assign sections, monitor disciplinary measures, and uphold a comprehensive student lifecycle within the student information system.

Document management

Stores a repository of student documents including certificates, past exams, TCs, and extracurricular activities, accessible remotely. Certificates issuance and documentation are streamlined within the student management software.


Effortlessly generate a variety of student information reports, encompassing admission registers, attendance sheets, student ledgers, district-level summaries, and comprehensive MIS reports. Export these reports in user-friendly formats such as Excel or PDF for easy data utilization.

Other utilities

Ensure seamless updates and changes to student information across all systems in real time. Collect valuable faculty feedback from students through this module, which is then analyzed to derive actionable insights.

Database setup

Configure the Training and Placement (T&P) module, establishing company categories, work areas, job locations, job types, selection techniques, and more within the system. The T&P module seamlessly retrieves student data from academic modules such as exams.


Set up company profiles, extend online placement invitations, and authorize chosen companies for placement processes. Share placement schedules and select students for interviews through the system. Experience automated placement tracking and tailored career guidance for a successful future.

Role of companies & students

Enterprises can enroll with the T&P department and seek placement dates. Based on eligibility criteria, students can apply for roles in companies. Through their login, students can update resumes, apply for positions, and access more functionalities.


Monitors various forms of student training, including on-site, in-plant, and industrial training, showcasing a roster of training companies and locations for student applications. Assigns students to firms or training sites following institution-specific protocols.

Training & Placement


Mobile Apps & Portals

Mobile Apps

Student Diary App

Student Diary is a mobile app that provides students with the information they need on the go. They can view crucial information and get notified of important events and campus updates. Powered by analytics, it is a potent student-engaging tool.


Feepayr serves as an integrated online fee collection portal, encompassing tuition fees, hostel fees, transport fees, and more, facilitating seamless online payments. Easily monitor comprehensive fee information through a centralized platform that accommodates various online payment methods.


M-OPAC (Mobile-Online Public Access Catalogue) is an application enabling students to search for books within and beyond the campus library, anytime and anywhere. It allows students to locate even rare books, reserve them, and request inter-library loans conveniently through M-OPAC.


Creates timetable by establishing the academic calendar within the ERP and outlining instructors' teaching schedules. The lesson plans and schedules are seamlessly updated in both student logins and the student app.


Student presence is documented through diverse methods including biometric readers, RFID cards, mobile apps, or manual input. These data sources are stored within the ERP, serving as the foundation for numerous tasks and computations.


For automated student attendance, the module seamlessly connects with biometric readers, RFID sensors, or the school's mobile app. Notifications via SMS, email, and the app are activated to promptly notify students about their daily attendance status.


Obtain real-time insights through precise reports categorized by class, faculty, and facility, including poor student attendance reports, detailed summaries, and more. All reports are customizable to align with institutional needs.

Schedules & Attendance

School Attendance

Frequently Ask Questions

1. What is a Student Information System?
A student information system is a centralized space for the collection and maintenance of data across all the institute’s student-related activities.
  • Effortless data storage and retrieval from a centralized source
  • Faculty members have restricted access
  • Generate reports in desired formats seamlessly
  • Seamlessly integrate with other software systems
  • User-friendly interface with multilingual support
  • Automates all the tasks and processes
  • Eliminates the need for long queues for fees and admission
  • Reduces the need for marking attendance manually
  • Smoothens communication between the students, teachers, and parents

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