Secure and Robust Examination Management System for Seamless Student Assessments

Get a mobile-friendly examination system which lets the student appear for exams using a laptop, desktop, or a mobile device. Adopt a cost-effective approach by eliminating the need for arranging physical invigilators, printing question papers, coordinating with examiners, renting an exam hall for entrance exams, etc.

Robust Examination

Customizable Questions

Faculty can set up multiple question patterns for different subjects, such as open-ended questions, MCQs, descriptive tests, quizzes, and formative tests.

Create Survey

Generate Transcripts

Create transcripts which include student information, course opted for, marks obtained, etc. through automated calculations. It can be created in different formats- Word, PDF, Excel, etc.


Automates Test Evaluations

Prevent biased evaluation and implement fair assessments by adopting different security stages, click-by-click audit methods, and evaluator handling processes.

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Modules of Online Examination Management System


User Registration

A user, generally a student, has a registration portal, where he/she fills in the basic information. They provide various details, such as class, name, email, contact, address, number of the contact, and fee for the year fee status. These details are then saved in the database, which is then integrated in the online examination system and the credentials are used for further access.

Login Module

Students are provided with a unique ID and password which is used to attend the exam. They can select their subject/program as per the exam timetable from the filter option and login accordingly without any hassle. The module offers a login window where the student logs in with the registered credentials and then moves to the interface where the set exams are displayed.

Admin Module

Admin module is designed to facilitate all tasks which need to be carried out or attempted by the student user. They have separate credentials and can login and follow many key functions to ensure that the students are not facing any issue while attending the test. This module lets the admin manage all the data of registered students, delete or terminate the test if the student is found cheating, and can add additional tests.
Set exam

Set Exam

The staff admin is responsible for all kinds of exam activities, where they design the question paper as per the teacher of the subject in the portal. The faculty can choose the type of assessment- quizzes, MCQs, formative, etc. Multiple question papers can be created as per course to prevent cheating.

Attempt Exam

Here, the students can login and attend the exams assigned to them as per their subject. The timer starts once the student logs in and the web-camera keeps on clicking pictures in a set number of seconds. There is a chat window, where the students can post questions if they are facing any issues during the test.

Exam Staff

The staff with their respective credentials can log in and monitor the student activities automatically from their portal. They are notified with quick notifications if the student is cheating or visiting another website. The invigilation process becomes simpler while using the software as the faculty does not have to manually keep a tab on each student.

Online Examination System Modules

Exam Data

Exam Data Management

With millions of students appearing for tests and exams on a monthly and yearly basis, there is a constant influx of data in terms of answer sheets and multiple question banks. The data is constantly uploaded on the cloud which can be retrieved and accessed by the student during the academic year. The software is scalable hence has the ability to store tons of data. The faculty can manage and maintain the exam data analysis, score section analysis, pass rate, wrong questions, etc.

Online Proctoring

One of the pain points of examinations is the risk of student cheating and scoring good grades by unfair means which results in poor education of the student that can affect his/her future. With an advanced online proctoring functionality, the staff can prevent screen switching, face recognition, and install an anti-cheating system.

For Students:

  • The online proctoring function offers the flexibility of attending exams from anywhere without coming to school or college, especially in pandemic situations.
  • The software can conduct exams for thousands of students even with low internet conditions.
  • Unlike the conventional method, students don’t have to wait for weeks to get exam results and can avail instant report cards within a few clicks.
  • They can get immediate feedback and assistance on their weak areas and thereby improve learning outcomes.

For Educators:

  • No need to manually invigilate each student.
  • They can disable multiple browser switching during tests.
  • Monitor student’s activities on a real-time basis.
  • To prevent cheating, random video monitoring and image capturing can be implemented.
  • Significantly reduces the workload and paperwork
Online Proctoring


Dashboards & Reports

The software has in-built dashboards which offer the details regarding the number of students attending the test, number of online tests conducted, number of questions, etc. to guide the administrator to focus on important areas. Teachers and students both can use the filter panel on the dashboard which enables them to easily navigate the data with their own criteria, giving more control and flexibility.

The faculty can create graphical and engaging reports which gives them a 360° view of the student, which helps the teachers to understand the learning gaps and accordingly improve the student learning outcome.

Life-Cycle of Online Examination System

The Online Examination Software helps in providing the framework and pattern of various kinds of examination which can further be customized with respect to grades and type of course.

Define and Create Tests
Define and Create Tests

This is the foremost step in the examination process, where the faculty

  • Creates the course
  • Categorizes the subjects
  • Designs the examination scheme
  • Sets up rules and regulations
  • Designs exam evaluation patterns
  • Sets up a grading criteria
Student Login & Registration
Student Login & Registration

After setting up the course and exam pattern, the students are asked to register on the portal by using their unique credentials.

  • Unique ID and password is generated
  • Student data can be integrated from LMS or SIS
  • Prevent student impersonation by verifying their identity
  • Roll numbers are automatically allotted
  • Subject- and course-wise registration of students
Mock-Tests and Exam Schedule Generation

Before the final exams, students can practise and assess their knowledge by solving question banks and giving mock tests.

  • Create and plan exam timetable
  • Automatically track attendance and leaves
  • Create student academic performance reports
  • Generate question- and subject-wise performance evaluation results
  • Systematic entry of absenteeism and zero proxy
Result Records
Maintain Result Records and Calculate Results

After conducting exams securely, teachers now have the responsibility of generating student results.

  • Automatic grade entry
  • Calculation of grades
  • Feedback, scrutiny, and finalization of results
  • Printing of grade cards, merit lists, gazettes, and transcripts
  • Create in-dept result analysis reports

Features of Examination Management System

  • Planning & Scheduling Automation

    The software can collect student information and set up a schedule, process student applications, create admit cards, and allot exams as per their course.

  • Create Exam Patterns

    Set up subject-wise question papers, where the software can process different question types on the basis of marks and type of assessment; and classify them as per the parameters set.

  • Question Bank Management

    The staff can create question banks, reference PDFs, and mock questions which can be interactive and help students with exam preparation.

  • Quick Notifications

    Send automated instant notifications of assessment, exams, classes, exam results, and projects to students and parents, with the highest level of security and precision.

  • Integrated Cloud-Based Software

    The software can be integrated with LMS and SIS which enables the users to incorporate student attendance, learning gaps, and learning content such as video & notes files into assessments.

  • Role-Based Login

    Provide proper access and set up verified roles, ensuring that teachers and respective stakeholders have encrypted logins. This improves transparency with no tampering of student’s assessments.

FAQs On Examination Management System

1. What are the features of the examination management system?
  • Generate transcripts and reports with just a few clicks
  • Create different question paper templates
  • Advanced online proctoring
  • High scalability
  • Conduct exams with low internet bandwidth
  • Paperless online examination
  • Unbiased and highly accurate student exam evaluation
  • Reduces overhead costs
  • Auto-triggered notifications sent to parents
  • Improved student feedback
  • Research which examination management software has been implemented by other educational institutes.
  • Look for different ERP vendors who cater to colleges and schools
  • Ask for the product demo from 4-5 companies
  • Evaluate the basic requirement in an online examination software
  • Look for important features- scalability, data security, customizability, etc.
  • Cross-check the cost-effectiveness of different softwares
  • Ask for the post-software implementation support and staff training

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