Generate Attendance Records for Faculty and Administrative Staff Members to Streamline Salary and Payroll Processing with Just a Few Clicks.

Create a comprehensive report to keep tabs on the students who are regularly attending the lectures. Assist the instructors to overcome manual roll-calling attendance and enable them to effectively track and monitor the real-time attendance of students as well as staff members.

Trace History

Payroll Integration

Integrated attendance summary with payroll, which can be used for calculating salary and other benefits by considering the days the faculty was present, absent, and on leave.

lead distribution

Higher Institutional ROI

Save thousands by automating student attendance, and significantly reduce the roll call time to a few seconds by employing automated tracking of attendance.

reminders and alerts

Paperless Attendance

With an online attendance system, the institute significantly cuts down on its dependence on paper documentation, thereby making the process eco-friendly.

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RFID Attendance Management System

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) employs a straightforward mechanism to swiftly record the attendance of an entire class, unlike the lengthy roll-calling attendance process. Each student is provided with an RFID card containing a Unique Identification Number (UIN). RFID scanners installed at school entrances, libraries, classrooms, labs, and more automatically register entries by scanning the UIN and recording attendance efficiently.

The RFID reader offers wireless identification of students when they are in the vicinity of the radiofrequency range of the RFID attendance reader. It is capable of reading multiple cards at once; thus, the attendance of a group of students is marked simultaneously. The data from the RFID reader is then automatically fetched by the integrated school and college ERP software. The institutes can get easy access to student attendance for every lecture and practical they have attended on a real-time basis.

The RFID attendance management system also extends its utility to monitor and track the attendance of staff and faculty, streamlining payroll management. It operates without the need for direct visual contact with the RFID tag, resulting in significant time savings. Achieve 100% accuracy in attendance tracking with RFID technology, eliminating the possibility of human errors associated with barcode reading.

Biometric Attendance Management System

Another important electronic and online attendance system for students and employees is the biometric attendance system. This student attendance management system requires the student's thumb to press on a biometric device for attendance. The student's finger is saved in the biometric system linked to the school or college ERP. As fingerprints are unique for each individual, there are fewer chances of proxy attendance, thus making the attendance process highly reliable and accurate.

The attendance data is stored in the educational ERP and can be viewed, assessed, and managed by the authorities in real-time. It offers role-based access, making it easier to track attendance information by specific stakeholders in real-time. With a streamlined and centralized attendance management system, it also tracks students' and faculty's early departures, late arrivals, leaves, and so on.

It systematically identifies, verifies, analyzes, and matches the fingerprint with the one stored in the secured cloud space. It can track login and logout with complete authentication in just a few seconds. It is integrated with the HR management system and the faculty management system, where attendance and leaves are used for payroll processing.



Mobile App Based Attendance System

A mobile-based online attendance system, available as a mobile app, eradicates the inefficiencies associated with manual attendance taking in educational institutions. It also diminishes the reliance on paper resources for attendance data management, providing students with a simplified method to record their attendance with a single click. Each student and faculty member possesses a unique individual login, which is recorded each time they access the app. Educators can access a list of students and manage attendance, marking students as absent or present through their respective logins.

Leave Application: Students can further apply for leave through this app. Every time a student or parent applies for a leave, the faculty gets notified immediately and thus can effectively manage the leave process via a mobile app.

LMS Integration: The attendance management system is auto-synced with the LMS software, enabling the faculty to upload assignments, course material, lecture notes, question banks, etc. while taking attendance. The integration improves time efficiency by further enhancing academic delivery.

Attendance Reports: By using a mobile app, the teacher easily generates highly accurate student attendance reports on a day-wise, week-wise, month-wise, and year-wise basis in a matter of a few seconds.

QR Code Based Attendance System

In the QR code-based attendance system, students and faculty utilize distinct QR codes created by their teachers, which they can access through their mobile devices to register their attendance. This approach places the responsibility of attendance tracking on the students, resulting in time and effort savings for the teachers. The QR code can be effortlessly shared via various applications, and faculty members can display it on screens for easy scanning by students.

In this student attendance management system, students mark their entry and exit from the school premises. It is also integrated with SMS notification, which is auto-generated and sends the attendance details to teachers and parents daily. It further offers database backups frequently, thus ensuring the highest security.

Generate Attendance Reports

Attendance data can be generated regularly by the faculty to check the number of absent students and accordingly notify their parents. The student attendance management system generates weekly and monthly reports, helping to gauge the overall attendance record of each student and take measures to reduce absenteeism.

Location Restrictions

The student attendance management system contains location-based restrictions so that the student cannot scan the QR codes from a place outside the school or classrooms where entry is not allowed. This ultimately lowers the chances of misuse of the QR code facility.


Features of Attendance Management System

  • 100% Accurate Student Attendance Records

    Compile all the attendance data records and generate highly accurate records that can be used by compliance authorities, such as the NBA and NAAC accreditation processes.

  • Insightful Data Analytics

    Keep a tab on every student attendance activity by using an AI-powered analytic dashboard that is integrated with the school or college ERP system for better insights.

  • Highly Secure Student Attendance

    Keep student attendance data safe and eliminate the possibility of data theft and proxy attendance issues in academic institutes.

  • Promote Better Workplace Communication

    Ensure smooth attendance management for faculty with RFID and biometric features, as well as stay updated with teachers' regular salary status.

  • Real-Time Attendance

    Get live, real-time attendance data of students and faculty within institute premises, which can be instantly accessed by faculty and parents.

  • Hassle-Free Teaching Process

    With automated attendance processes, teachers have less workload, no paperwork, and more free time, which results in an increased emphasis on teaching.

FAQs On Attendance Management System

1. What is an Attendance Management System?
An attendance management system documents the time students and staff enter and exit the institute premises and accurately marks their attendance. It refers to a digital personal assistant to carry out mundane, time-consuming tasks for faculty and HR professionals.
The purpose of an online attendance system is to automate the attendance process and help teachers & HR teams keep track of students and staff.
  • Enhanced Accuracy & Accessibility
  • Improved Productivity of Faculty
  • Overall Cost Reduction of Institutes
  • Significantly eliminates manual error
  • Flexible and eliminates data duplication

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