Cutting-Edge Multi-Campus Structure Software

Access, update, and manage data in real time and generate accurate reports.
Automate end-to-end operations of the institute

quick operations

BI Dashboards

Gives a graphical representation of all the statistical analysis of the generated reports

accurate reports

Centralized Database

Keeps the data stored on a cloud platform in a centralized manner.

analytic tools

High Data Security

Offers role-based access and data encryption technology to the users.

Ensure smoother faculty operations with the smart ERP

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Human Resources Management System

Comprising E-recruitment, faculty attendance management, faculty leave management, faculty service book, and payroll management, the HRMS is an automated solution that covers all aspects of operations and activities of the faculty life cycle within an institution.

Lead Management System

MasterSoft Lead Management System is a fully automated, integrated, and intelligent system for tracking, managing, and retaining leads from various sources and platforms. You can quickly funnel your leads via the system, which includes powerful lead management and retention options. The software enables campaigns to reach out to several students offering institute courses and programs.

Further, it enables the institute to give a quick response to queries, and doubts and lets them connect directly with the interested students. Also, it offers AI-based data analysis which helps the institutes to track campaign performance and optimize them with the help of previous responses.

Also, it sets follow-up reminders and keeps track of students’ behavior to generate better leads. It gives a graphical representation of reports on the dashboards, helping the institute to make data-driven decisions for lead management.

Lead management


Student Information Management System (SIMS)

A student Information system is a centralized, comprehensive, and consistent solution for organizing and maintaining total visibility of your student information. MasterSoft’s Student Information Management System safely, effectively, and transparently manages an endless quantity of data. All of your data is kept completely safe with role-based access and the finest data encryption in the system.

It helps the institute to conduct remote learning online. The software enables the students to access notes, exam schedules, timetables, study materials, and other things from the portal where the teacher uploads them. Moreover, it tracks and stores all the student data along with attendance, performances, and progress reports over the years. It also gives run-time notices and important updates about the institute.

Further, the software enables students to interact with each other and collaborate on projects, and assignments, discuss ideas, share study material, and work together remotely. It stores complete student information and personal data which can be accessed in case of emergencies.

Faculty Management System

The Faculty Management System guarantees that all of your faculty-related data, such as attendance, leave, payroll, and human resources are correctly maintained and arranged. The extremely adaptable software enables you to combine the system with other smart technologies to track faculty attendance, leaves, off days, vacations, sick days, and others.

The software stores profiles of all the faculty members along with their details, educational proof, achievements and awards, and emergency contacts. It is connected with the attendance management software to track information about their absent days and help the HR to credit salaries in their accounts.

It also helps the institutes to hire new faculty members, store their databases and make the best-suited choice among new applicants.

Faculty management faculty

Enterprise Resource planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The education ERP is an end-to-end ERP system that allows your institution's activities to be fully digitalized. The integrated solution provided by the single system allows for the uniformity of activities across your campus. MasterSoft ERP offers you all of the tools you'll need to simplify daily operations, all built on the newest technological stack.

The system contains different modules which take care of various departments and activities in the institute such as admission management, faculty management, attendance management, and others. The system collects all data and stores it in a centralized manner on a cloud platform.

It improves the efficiency and accuracy of operations in an institute. They can perform smooth operations with accurate workflow and minimum human interaction.

Report Generation and Analysis

The campus management software generates reports on every aspect and operation performed in the institute. All the activities happening in the system, including the inputs and outputs, are tracked in the software. This includes financial details of fee payers, mode of payments, admission status of various students, attendance records, performance records, alumni data, and every other thing.

The institutes can generate customized reports as required by them in many formats including Word, PDF, and doc. This data can be used by institutes for preparing accreditation reports. The system makes use of AI technology to analyze the large amounts of data generated by institutes and help them drive conclusions to make data-driven decisions.

Further, it makes use of BI technology to give a graphical representation of the data and reports which can be accessed by the stakeholders and higher authorities and help them in resource allocation and capital investments.

Report genration

Features Of Higher Ed Faculty Management System

  • Centralized Database

    The centralized administration of institutional data allows different users to handle their separate activities from a centralized location

  • Absolute Support

    All users get onsite and online support, as well as implementation roadmaps, allowing for the quickest deployment and active engagement of all users.

  • Data Security

    Accessible cloud, password, and OTP encryption, auto-alerts for data security, earthquake-free zones, and numerous backups to ensure disaster recovery

  • Easy & Intuitive UI

    Simple framework that supports vernacular languages and tooltips to make it easier for users to adapt and navigate.

  • Dashboards & Reports

    Dashboards are driven by analytics enabling real-time actionable data and report generation for better decision-making and compliance.

  • Integration with other software

    Enables integration with other software for easy and smooth workflow of the institute

FAQs On Campus Management System

1. What is Campus Management Software?

CMS is developed to facilitate paperless management of educational institutions in general. The program has all of the capabilities that are necessary for any educational institution, as well as full access to all of the accessible resources. The system easily organizes a large quantity of data and implements workflow-based procedures to boost productivity across campus.

Choosing the correct Campus Management Software necessitates a thorough grasp of the functions that must be included. After you've determined what characteristics any excellent campus management software should have, you'll need to decide which ones your campus requires.

Mastersoft's Higher Education Centralized Campus Management. The system is an end-to-end ERP solution with smart tools and dashboards to help colleges and universities function more effectively. We have been offering technologically advanced and highly intuitive solutions to more than 2000 clients over the past 22+ years. Our team strength is 300+ , offering hand-holding and high educational expertise to our clients. The ERP assists you efficiently in each aspect of the student life cycle, from identifying suitable students, recruiting them, and enrolling them to engaging them and improving student results.

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