Robust Yet Agile campus management System

Speedy Onboarding

Quicker actions for faster, more efficient implementation. The detailed analysis of every process, system and the workflow enables smoother and speedier onboarding.

Operational Efficiency

Integrated solutions for improving overall productivity. Even the smallest of tasks are taken into consideration leading to better outcomes.

Dashboard and Analytics

Precise and concise information presented in a lucid form. Graphical representation of every key detail available in various filters for in-depth analysis.

Data Security

Reliable and vigilant systems to keep confidential data safe. Multiple layers of security ensure optimum protection of private information.

Configurable Solutions

Powerful solutions which drive maximal development. The solutions can be configured to suit the institute-specific needs.

Easy Operations

Simple end-user procedures to provide ease of operations. The user-friendly systems do not require skilled end users.


Streamline Processes With School Management System

MasterSoft K12 management system efficiently manages daily school life by streamlining all the processes and eliminating unnecessary repetitive work. The school management software focuses on easing administrative hassles which is achieved by harnessing all kinds of data and locating it centrally for efficient student data management. This makes tracking of progress simple and also ensures student data security. The student information system is cloud-hosted and has the latest technology stack, right from RFID smart cards, biometric identification to mobile apps, auto-triggered notifications, and live bus tracking.

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Drive Student Success With Higher Ed Management System

Mastersoft campus management system for Higher Ed is an end-to-end ERP solution having smart tools and dashboards to help Colleges and Universities run efficiently. Organize an extensive amount of data easily and deploy workflow-based processes to improve productivity across the campus. Access accurate data in real-time to gain actual insights and make timely decisions. Right from targeting potential students, recruiting them, and enrolling them to engaging students and boosting student outcomes, the ERP helps you effectively in each phase of the student life cycle.

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Academic Life cycles

Complementing Academic Lifecycles By Connecting Campuses With Technology

Attain institutional goals on time with the effective collaboration of all the different yet interdependent life cycles of an educational institution namely, student life cycle, faculty life cycle, administrative life cycle, etc. Bring all your processes on a centralize platform and streamline all the processes with workflow based system which facilitate systematic and smoother operations. MasterSoft education ERP is a compatible solution capable of integrating processes with technology and covers even the smallest aspects of the institutional needs. The solutions are configurable and conform to suit the specific requirements and terminology of the campus.

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Edtech engaging teachers & parents to drive student success

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Well, if you closely analyze the perspective of each from the 'parent-teacher-student' trio, everyone stands absolutely correct.

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