Robust Yet Agile campus management System

Speedy Onboarding

Immediate response and quick actions for faster implementation. Detailed analysis of every task to incorporate required changes.

Operational Efficiency

Integrated solutions for improving overall productivity. Even the smallest of tasks are taken into consideration leading to increased performances.

Dashboard & Analytics

Precise and concise information presented in a lucid form. Graphical representation of every key detail available in various filters for in-depth analysis.

Data Security

Reliable and vigilant systems to keep confidential data safe. Multiple layers of security ensure optimum protection of private information.

Customizable Solutions

Powerful solutions which drive maximal development. Solutions that are tailor-made to suit the specific needs of the organization's processes.

Easy Operations

Simple end user procedures to provide easy, effective and quick actions. User-friendly systems which do not need skilled end users.


Cloud Based K-12 Management Software

MasterSoft school management system efficiently manages daily school life by streamlining all the processes and eliminating unnecessary repetitive work. The School Management ERP focuses on easing administrative hassles which is achieved by harnessing all kinds of data and locating it centrally for efficient student data management. This makes tracking of progress simple and also ensures student security. The Solution is a Student Information System of choice because it is cloud-based and supports various modern technologies from RFID smart cards, mobile apps, biometric etc. It can be tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of a modern school.

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Cloud Based College Management Software

A robust, compliant and reliable College Management System to improve student outcomes, which matter the most. MasterSoft College Management Software is a one-stop solution for every process which goes on in a college. A simple but potent system, it drives pupil progress with the help of analytics tools which monitor and track students' progress. It gathers all the data in a single system so that every resource can be put to the best possible use and thus saves time and increases productivity.

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Cloud Based University Management System

Organize an extensive amount of data efficiently, easily and quickly. MasterSoft University Management Software is a cohesive solution which has the right tools to empower universities. A complete end-to-end ERP, it provides access to accurate real-time data which assists in timely decision making. Target potential students, recruit them, educate and teach efficiently and track progress with the system. The ERP solution is a single solution to manage all your processes by streamlining them. Reduce repetitive work as well as hassles and drive improvement throughout the campus.

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Academic Life cycles

Complementing Academic Lifecycles By Connecting Campuses With Technology

Timely and successful goal attainment made possible by streamlining all the processes and support systematic and smooth operations. A compatible, compliant and implementable solution with the capability to integrate processes with technology, MasterSoft ERP solutions are flexible and can be customized because we understand that each institution works differently and has different requisites. Our solutions are the latest technology stack which covers all aspects of academic life cycles and ensures attainment of academic as well as administrative goals.

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