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Conduct online examinations in a format which fulfills your objectives. Concerning Bloom’s Taxonomy, teacher’s can frame questions in various formats to test different levels.

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Mock Test Provision

Faculty may build question banks and mock exams to assist students to practice and prepare for the final exam.

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Real-Time Proctoring System

Faculty can monitor crucial details such as time taken for solving questions, number of attendees, etc.

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The software offers online chat support to the students with invigilator in case of any queries or technical issues.

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Diagnostic Assessment

Conduct diagnostic assessment to understand the previous knowledge of the students before starting a new topic. It is given at the beginning of the topic to assess their knowledge. These assessments consist of sets of written questions- short answer or MCQ, which assess a student’s current views on a course. Teachers can easily get a snapshot of where the students really stand- emotionally, academically, or ideologically, thus enabling the educators to make sound choices on how to proceed on teaching a new topic.Types of Diagnostic Assessment include:

Online Quiz Tests

The teacher can choose to create a brief online assessment which questions which help in determining how much the student already knows and if they are able to answer them by the end of the course or topic.

Online Journals

Students can write down their expectations and goals for the course in an online journal. Also, they can convey their ideas and insights after completing each topic or activity from the course, detailing what they learned.

Mind Mapping

The teacher gives each student an online mind map activity that features a topic. The students are encouraged to add as much information they know about the topic, using short sentences and words.

Online Simulations and Scenarios

Participating in a simulation or a scenario before the course begins, gives students a chance to identify the skills they need to improve and what parts of information they will need to acquire. It also helps teachers to understand how they can fill the skill gap.

Online Interviews and Focus Groups

Here, the teacher uses a web camera and meets students online either individually or in a group setting to understand each student’s background and learning needs. The students can also offer their input and discuss their expectations in advance.


Students complete a survey prior to taking the e-learning course which helps them to determine their level of expectation, interest, and their present knowledge. Teachers can use the results to create courses that cater individual learning needs.

Formative Assessment

Conduct formative assessment to test learner’s progress when they are in the learning stage. As every student’s learning capability is different, formative assessments give teachers feedback which impacts how they are teaching at the present.

Some of the tools for formative assessment:

Quick Feedback

Teachers can create quizzes and ask students to answer the questions. Here, instructors can analyze the learning capability of each student based on the grades obtained from the quiz and accordingly change the pace and method of teaching.

Live Quiz Games

Educators can create quiz games to make the test more interesting. Students can use their mobile phones or computers to join the game. Gamification of a quiz creates more participation of learners and can help in easy grasping of some topics.

Integrated Presentation

Teachers can create presentations which include assessments, quizzes, drawing boards etc. during the session and encourage students to participate in the tests. The test results can be used by educators to adapt their teaching plan.

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Interim Assessment

This assessment is generally implemented at different district or state levels to understand and compare results of a group of students. The results generated can be used to deliver essential information to students, teachers, district administrators, and parents. Also, they can identify patterns in learning for specific individuals or a group of students.

For district administrators and principals, the result data can be used for tracking progress toward critical milestones, determining flexible groupings, etc. Whereas for parents, the data can enable them to understand how their ward is progressing and what areas the kid needs extra help in.

Benchmark Assessment

This assessment is primarily conducted to measure the academic progress of a large number of students. It takes the complexity, time, and subjectivity out of the assessment process. This too ensures to measure real progress, at a quicker pace.

Benchmark test score reports provide an accurate and sophisticated summary of student performance- both overall and in four language skills including speaking, reading, listening, and writing. Visual data and clear scoring along with detailed information helps in explaining where each student’s skills and strengths gap lie.

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Summative Assessment

This assessment helps in determining the academic success of the students at the end of their program. It is an evaluative assessment where the learning has occurred and the outcomes have been achieved. These assessments are developed to truly evaluate the desired outcome. Some of the tools for effectively carrying out summative assessment are:


MCQs and descriptive exams help in analyzing the information each student has gained throughout the entire course or program. Learners can take online exams from anywhere as well as participate in discussion forums to further clear any queries.

Student Presentations and Speeches

Students can convert their learning into a final presentation or a speech. In an online scenario, students can record their speech and presentation and embed their videos in a discussion group for viewing and grading purposes.

Rubric as a Grading Tool

Rubric tool helps in making grading quicker by saving teachers a significant amount of time. The rubric describes your expectation and quantifies levels of completion, thus allowing the instructors to grade in a more objective way.

Unique Features of Online Assessment Tool System

  • Question & Answer Shuffling

    Allows professors to create several question paper sets by shuffling questions and answers.

  • Run Time Result Display

    The questions are processed and auto-calculated at a quicker rate, and the run time results are shown

  • Transparency among Faculty

    Freedom to decide total exam time to marks of every question, to setting certain criteria.

  • Engaging Multimedia Sessions

    Children don’t get nervous during exams, instead, they tend to focus better on questions being asked via fun multimedia visuals & audios.

  • Multiple Exam Formats

    Conducts exams for all types of formats such as semester, coding test, entrance exams and others

  • Proctoring Technology

    As your students attend the online examinations, you can also monitor them with the proctoring technology & ensure zero malpractices.

FAQs On Online Assessment Tool System

1. What is an online assessment tool?
Online assessment tools are methods for evaluating how well a person does on an online assessment exam. These web-specific technologies have found widespread use in academia.
The main purpose of an online assessment tool is to enable remote assessment, exams, and learning in the institutes. It reduces workload of faculty members, improves the efficiency of the system, and improves flexibility of examination.
  • Reduced burden on teaching faculty
  • Quicker issuing of results
  • High scalability with low internet bandwidth
  • Improved security
  • Geographical flexibility to take exams

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