Collect Tuition Fees, examination fees and library fines using a one stop fees management system

A Centralized Solution that Enables Institutes to Allocate Separate Fee Structures as per Selected Courses, Scholarships and other Institute Defined Category.

Fees Automate Calculations

Automate Calculations

The system allocates automatic fee structures to the students based on different aspects.

Send Reminder

Send Reminders

The software sends reminders for pending fees to the students when the half-yearly or quarterly fees are due

Fees Generate Reports

Generate Reports

The system collects data regularly and generates reports daily which can be accessed at any time.

Fee management can be a time-consuming task.
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Fees Collection

Fee Collection

The software enables fee transactions from the students to pay for tuition, admission, bus fees, library fine, and others remotely without carrying cash to the institute. The students and their parents pay fees using various payment gateways, checks, credit/debit cards and UPI IDs.

Further, the system confirms the form of SMS or online receipt to the students for receiving the fees. This eases the entire process of fee collection in the institute as well as for parents. It eliminates the need for standing in queues in the institute for fee payment.

Online fee collection software enables payments for various aspects including hostel, bus, and other optional courses in institutes. Further, the system sends reminders to the students and parents when their fees are due. This eases the fee collection process for the institute and helps them maintain all track records of transactions.

Fees Reports

Loads of data are generated regularly concerning fee transactions, admission confirmation, pending fee payments, generations of e-receipts, and others. The software generates daily reports of the fee activities performed by the system.

The system makes run-time changes in the student’s fee status after the dues are cleared. Changes in admission status and fee status are also made in real-time and reports are generated by the software in all required formats such as PDF, doc, excel, and others. It also gives customized reports as requested by the user.

Further, the data is collected so that the institute can retrieve data from previous years. All the activities and transactions happening in the system are recorded along with bank details and payer details.

Fees Reports

Fees Register

Fees Register

The register collects the fees data, payment details, student information, and all the related information in the system. The data is updated with new fee activities by the student. The software eliminates the manual work of fee record maintenance by the faculty members.

The online admission software tracks every small activity and detail carried out by the students and parents. The register can help the faculty members to understand daily fee confirmations, admission confirmations, a list of students with pending fees, a list of students who have to pay additional late fees, and other exceptional cases among the students.

Fee Structure Allocation

The online fees software allocates separate fees to all the students admitted to the institute. This includes various parameters for allocating the fees to be paid such as course, location, reservation, scholarships, and others.

The system has records of students’ scholarships, awards, fellowships, and fee waiver programs. The software decides the fee structure based on these aspects. Further, it keeps track of fees paid by them at the beginning of the course to give reminders for pending fees in the institutes.

Fees Structure

Unique Features of a Fees Management System

  • MIS Fees Reports

    Generates all types of reports giving lists of students who have pending fees, paid fees, and others

  • Regular Notifications

    The software gives regular notifications and reminders for fees to the students and parents

  • Laptop/Mobile Friendly

    The software can be operated on a laptop as well as mobile as per the user’s convenience

  • Role-Based Access

    The system grants role-based access to faculty members and stakeholders for conducting their operations

  • Multiple Modes of Payment

    Payments can be done with various online gateways, checks, and UPI IDs

  • BI Powered Analytics

    The reports are analyzed in depth by the software to improve the performance of the system

FAQs On Fees Management System

1. What is a fees management system?
A fees management system is software for fees collection and handing over the receipt to the students along with keeping track of student's fees status.
  • Notifies the student through SMS/Email
  • Offers E-challan to the students
  • Ensures secure payment information
  • Generates reports in required formats
  • Automatic fees calculation
  • Easy student registration
  • Safe transfer of fees amount
  • Regular notifications and reminders
  • Generation of the online receipt
  • Various modes of online payments
  • Easy to use software
The main purpose of a fees management system in an institute is to automate the entire fees process using internet and software and reduce the complexity of fees management for institutes.
  • It automates all the fees processes
  • Releases fees structures to the students
  • Calculates fees on the basis of various aspect
  • Reduces manual workload of the faculty
  • Eliminates the need for long queues
  • Reduces the scope for human errors

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