Simplify COs, PEOs, and POs/PSOs Attainment with Detailed Outcome Mapping

Track, monitor, and accurately map student’s academic performance With CO-PO mapping & assessments for continuous outcome improvement. Understand exact challenges faced by students through feedback & by assessing their learning progress.

Secure Your Student’s Future with NBA Accreditation: Detailed MIS Reports, Institute’s Overall Performance Report, etc.

Centralized Employee Records

Smooth Delivery of Curriculum

Ensure smooth curriculum delivery by creating assignments, teaching plans, and question banks. Manage classroom activities smoothly by sending notifications using a mobile app.

Hr Analytics Reporting

BI Dashboard

Helps to understand the data and reports in a graphical and statistical manner for better comparison and understanding.


Generates Accurate Reports in Accreditation Format

Generate 100% accurate reports in word, doc, PDF, and other formats as per the accreditation requirements

Simplify COs, PEOs, and POs/PSOs Attainment with
Detailed Outcome Mapping

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Mapping of Outcomes

Mapping of Outcomes

Educational institutions are implementing course outcomes to cater the diverse accreditation requirements. This software automates the mapping scenario, which constantly enhances the learning process, and calculates the achievement data. Prevent tedious and manual outcome attainment calculations which are error-prone and time-consuming. Set threshold values and easily map questions to the outcomes in a matter of a few clicks.

Effectively define outcomes and objectives that is followed by three levels of Bloom’s taxonomy and five levels of outcome-based curriculum. The institute can set the course design, question bank, assessments, and teaching plans in alignment to various accreditation agencies, thus making it OBE complaint. Define Program Objectives and Program Outcomes and map them with Course Outcomes to get a thorough analysis of a student's academic performance.

The software helps faculty members to assess and map the learning outcomes with previously defined COs and POs. Educators know what they need to demonstrate throughout the course teaching to help students improve their learning outcomes. Students get clarity regarding the outcomes which are expected of them and have a clear strategic direction to follow. Identify areas of improvement in the institute's teaching & assessment framework through a detailed analysis of mapping outcomes.

  • CO-PO mapping, with Bloom’s taxonomy for each question
  • Course Syllabus - CO mapping
  • Questions - CO mapping
  • Exam Assessments - CO mapping
  • PO-PEOs Mapping

OBE System in Compliance with Accreditation Parameters

Creating assessment reports for accreditation on an annual basis is tiring which consumes a substantial amount of time and effort of the teaching staff, faculty, and admin staff. Detailed calculation of all the set parameters and taking follow-ups from different departments is a tedious process which comes with its own challenges. Get an OBE software which is compliant with Bloom’s taxonomy, that can cater the key requirements of an accreditation process.

Accreditation agencies such as NAAC, NBA, etc. go through numerous criteria before giving accreditation to a particular department or a college. The authorities look for Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) processes which further help in easy evaluations. Also, automatic calculation of tests and grades for various assessment types using rubric tools results in a hassle-free grading process. The data collected can be effectively used by a director or the principal for accreditation purposes.

Set email and SMS communication reminders for a systematic and organized approach for a smooth and seamless OBE process. The faculty can easily upload event details, assessments, photographs, educational certificates, scorecards, transcripts, letter of recommendation, statement of purpose, etc. which helps in carrying out the accreditation process successfully.

OBE System in Compliance

Assignments in a Matter of Few Clicks

Assessments and Assignments in a Matter of Few Clicks

Exam assessments and assignments are necessary to analyze the student performance. Easy-to-use workflows in the OBE system help in the creation of all assessments such as competency-based assessments, outcome-based assessments, and rubrics-based assessments, among others. Teachers can configure assessment rules which are standardized and consistent with or without rubrics, in alignment with the specific accreditation guidelines.

Generate assignments which are updated automatically on a real-time basis. Quizzes, projects, rapid tests, discussions, MCQs, long papers, articles, etc. can be easily mapped to outcomes with exact deadlines set for completion. The OBE system enables in setting metrics for creation of question banks and to track attainment for collaboration with different stakeholders. Create assessment templates by simply dragging and dropping questions from the question bank, picking a specific template, and mapping them to Bloom’s taxonomy.

Generate assessments that are followed by instant evaluation, report publication, remediation, and improvement. The OBE system provides in-built workflows and automation, document management, assignment tracking system, reporting & efficient communication, storing of histories, etc. which can assist teachers in achieving the goals of the institution. Auto-generated notifications can be sent to students regarding the deadlines of the assignment.

Precise & Automatic Calculations of Outcomes

Outcomes attainment calculations are tedious, time-consuming, hectic, and are highly prone to human errors. Effectively track student learning outcomes attainment by using scoring tools and gap analysis which enables teachers to assess core competency development of any course or program.

By giving the threshold values and accordingly mapping questions with different outcomes, the system calculates the attainment of the outcomes and indicates high-risk students using curve grading for early intervention. Get graphical reports to identify curriculum gaps and redundancies for improvement of student’s academic performance. Also, these analytical reports provide information regarding how well the educational institute is performing and where it needs improvement.

With intuitive dashboards and live reports, the institute can get actionable insights into the attainment of the assessment data that makes the assessment cycle more clear. Some reports include consolidated quiz reports, assessment outcome attainment, teaching strategy reports, grade books, etc. can be studied and compared with other programs for improvement. The OBE software further notifies the students of their current assessment status and guides them to take required actions in order to improve their overall grades.


Features of an Outcome Based Education System

  • High Security

    The student data and institute’s information is highly secured on a cloud platform with safe backup options.

  • Automation of Tasks

    Automatic calculations and report generation, CO-PO mapping, and student assessment are conducted on the system.

  • Improves Efficiency

    The software reduces the manual workload of the teachers and helps them to keep track of student’s progress efficiently.

  • High Transparency

    The software increases transparency among faculty, students, and parents regarding student’s performance.

  • Eliminates Manual File Handling

    The software integrates files and documents as per the need, reducing the requirement of maintaining separate files.

  • Improved Assessment

    The software can accurately assess the student’s performance based on previously set thresholds.

FAQs On Outcome-Based Education

1. What is Outcome-Based Education?
Outcome-based education (OBE) is an educational approach that is focused on goal-oriented learning. It enables teachers to pre-define the educational expectations from the students & map them throughout the learning sessions via regular assessments to improve learning outcomes.
The main purpose of outcome-based education is to make it clear for the students about what is expected of them by the end of the course. It aims to make them capable of fulfilling the industry requirements for job opportunities in the future.
  • Automates all the tasks for progress evaluation
  • Generates reports in the required format
  • Calculates the course outcomes and program outcomes
  • Improve outcomes of the institute
  • Guide the students through constant evaluation

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