How Dashboard for School Management System Helps in Analyzing School Performance

How Dashboard for School Management System Helps in Analyzing School Performance
Mustak Ahmed December 12, 2019

"We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher's hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world." - David Warlick

The term "Dashboard" may appear hi-tech & tricky to understand, but its work is just the opposite! Just as a car's dashboard allows you to check out its parts & tools for identifying the functionality of the engine, analytics dashboard for schools functions similarly! It can rationalize the operations of a school by providing real-time insights regarding the different areas of the school to the administrators. With a campus management system integrated with the analytics dashboard system, educators can do a pulse check to understand how well the school is performing towards accomplishing scholastic & co-scholastic goals. In this article, we will shed light on the same.

Here's how the school management system with dashboard integration can help in analyzing the school's performance...

Generate Reports to Figure out Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

For the accomplishment of objectives within a short time frame, every institution plans out strategies. These strategies are subjected to change from time to time because if a certain strategy doesn't work, educators need to think of something else. As they say - 'If plan A doesn't work, go to plan B', this is how institutional transformation can be done. The crux is to keep on improving the workflow & attain student progress. However, the fundamental step to make the right decision is to evaluate the performance of various departments of the school. To be frank, generating reports reflecting the ins-and-outs of distinct departments manually can put you behind the eight ball.

Education ERP software with an analytics dashboard accumulates the institutional data & generates 100% accurate reports that visually convey the effectiveness of the strategies that school has been following. It scrutinizes the processes & gives out the complete SWOT (S- Strengths, W- Weaknesses, O- Opportunities, and T -Threats) performance analysis. With the help of such reports, school administrators can further focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and design effective strategies to overcome low performing areas.

Minimize Dropout Rates in Your School

Ever thought why the rate of dropout students is increasing day by day? It's because they've got myriads of options to get a quality education. Gone are the days when students used to take education from the institution referred by their 'Intelligent' cousin or relatives! Today's generation is quite smart & they believe in taking their own decisions. Therefore, educators must ensure that children get the highest quality education & for that they need to keep a tab on what the kids need & always work towards facilitating them with best academic provisions. With the help of a dashboard management system, the exact reasons leading to dropout cases can be identified & rectified.

Monitor the Academic Activities of Both the Faculty & Students

If some students perform well in the subject of mathematics while the majority of them have low grades then, it's a huge warning sign of something being wrong. Maybe it's because of poor teaching methodology or it may be entirely the fault of students! Educators can't judge things based on the final outcomes. They need to analyze the whole student academic data before reaching any conclusion. However, to make such an analysis for distinct subjects, classes, and branches, teachers require the entire track record of students. Fetching details of thousands of students in an institution is quite mentally exhausting task. This is where the analytics dashboard plays a vital role.

Comprehensive student academic reports as well as faculty including their attendance history can be generated with the aid of dashboard. Educators can evaluate the subjects where students' performance is high as well as not up to the mark. Once they're done with it, they can collaborate with faculty & students & take their feedback. When the root cause is unveiled, they can take necessary actions to improve the performance in the future.

Multi-Academy Trust Management

With the progression of an institute, the responsibilities that come with it also increases. When a school has different branches located at different places or even cities, the job of school administrators becomes extremely difficult. Visiting all the schools & managing them promptly seems just impossible. However, a cloud-hosted student data management system with the dashboard can be a boon for such educators. The customizable ERP software gives the provision to access the school data & information virtually at any given point in time. Higher management authorities can manage all the lifecycles - Student, Faculty, and administrators of multiple campuses via the unified platform and view the daily transactions without any hitch.

Key Takeaways

With a school management system embedded with dashboards, educators can garner the given benefits.

  • Track & boost the growth of the school
  • Automatically generated reports covering 360-degree information
  • Key Performance Indicator or KPI Analysis
  • Student & faculty performance evaluation
  • Supports multi-campus structure

Thus, the dashboard can doggedly accelerate the performance by providing total visibility of institutional activities & promoting smart decision-making.

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