5 Problems Imposed by Covid-19 on Smooth Management of Colleges and Schools

5 Problems Imposed by Covid-19 on Smooth Management of Colleges and Schools
Gurudev Somani September 17, 2020

When the Government across the globe imposed lockdown, educational institutions were among the few sectors that experienced a total shut down.

Kids' health, social distancing, safety measures - reasons were many.

In this - "Learn to live with COVID virus" era, one thing is quite clear. Schools and colleges are still on the top list of sufferers and it may continue until a vaccine is developed.

However, this doesn't mean that the educational sector should not move on.

I agree there's a multitude of problems.

But as they say - "every dark cloud has a silver lining" - edTech can prove to be a silver lining on the dark clouds of virus when used wisely.

I am jotting down 5 problems imposed by Covid-19 on smooth management of colleges and schools and best edTech tools that can help educators overcome them...

#1: Problem: Failure to Conduct Seamless Admission Procedure

Imagine a "normal day" (the old normal) when parents used to visit institutions, stand in a queue, do the formalities, submit the school or college fees and do their kid's admissions successfully.

However, with the guidelines of the Government, crowds are not allowed.

The Government officials are screaming - "KEEP SOCIAL DISTANCING!"

This cut downs the traditional roadmap to smooth admission procedures in schools and colleges.

To avoid educational disruption and ensure continuity of education along with following the words of the Government, school ERP software or college ERP software with an online admission system is what it will take.

Institutions can even add-on an online student fees payment and collection system to multiply the efficiency of parents as well as staff members.

#2: Problem: Educational Apps Delivering Everything except- "Quality"!

Looking at the present condition, the educational sector is left with no option, but to make a virtual classroom presence.

Not a usual virtual classroom - a classroom that facilitates all the provisions which students were given in traditional classes. (To be frank) Expectations are a notch higher.

However, setting up online teaching-learning classes is not easy. There are certain parameters that need to be taken care of. The college or school management app or platform must be integrated with advanced technology such as - online video sessions - live & recorded both, e-library provision, sound picture, audio, and video quality, and a better interconnectivity.

Remember that no edTech tool can survive longer if "quality" is missing!

#3: Problem: Challenges to Create Engaging e-Content

Earlier, in traditional classrooms, the way content was presented & delivered was different.

It was just a chalkboard and sometimes - faculty used to dictate important notes to students.

Nothing more than that!

With virtual classrooms, content can be delivered in a variety of formats such as - e-books, videos tutorials, presentations, podcasts, etc. Here, the horizons of conducting teaching-learning sessions are wide open to new opportunities.

Therefore, teachers may face challenges in creating engaging e-content every time.

For such instances, I would like the teachers to prepare strategies in advance and do a thorough research on the internet before conducting the online education classes.

As a teacher, you are free to try and experiment new teaching methodologies. If stagnancy stuck in - try "Googling" stuff.

It will surely get you a breakthrough.

#4: Problem: Teacher-Student Collaboration Issues

If your students have started behaving weird - it is not a problem since online classes are new and using edTech tools to study is a comparatively new concept for them.

They may require time to sink that in.

But, here's a mini alert: If your students have started skipping classes and they don't have a valid reason, then things may take a wrong turn.

As a faculty, make sure your e-learning software has the provision of tracking online student attendance & online chats and emails so that you can collaborate with students at any given time.

You can even hold virtual meet-ups at regular intervals to get the know-how of the students.

#5: Problem: Mental Issues Emerging Out of the Blue

Students are experiencing depression these days.

Not just students, even adults like you and me.

When asked the possible reasons, a psychologist explained to me that - we humans crave socializing life. Be it anyone of any age.

There are a small percentage of people who are actually happy being alone. Rest of us need - friends - at least someone with whom we can share and hang out.

With the lockdown phase, everyone has started developing anxiety & stress and children are no exceptions.

As an educator or faculty, you must look after the mental health of your students. You can bring in experts that can help children cope with the depressive atmosphere.

After all, health is wealth!

Key Takeaways

In a nutshell, Covid-19 has created an adverse impact on the life of students, educators, and faculty. Merely implementing educational ERP software with a learning management system (LMS) won't help in the long run.

A little bit of "smartness" blended with "care", "nurturing approach" and "technology" is what it will take to swim the oceans.

Therefore, make the right choices, invest in quality edTech tools, and take care of your students.

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