How Technology Helps Digital Age Principals To Tackle Challenges - Part 01

How Technology Helps Digital Age Principals To Tackle Challenges - Part 01
Gurudev Somani September 24, 2018

The bigger an organization, the more complex its management! And that's true with educational institutions too. From simply teaching basic things such as math and literature to the digital curriculum - education today has come a long way! Not only the parents but also the students now expect a school and campus which can enhance their capability of living in and adjusting effortlessly with today's digital era.

With rapid technological changes in the past decade, has come a lot of responsibilities along with a plethora of things to adjust with. For instance, a number of instant communication channels have paved ways for effective and real time communication between schools & parents, which was not possible a few years back. Similarly, digital classrooms, complex syllabus, etc. demand a lot of mental, psychological as well as physical changes in a relatively short span of time.

Unarguably, teachers, parents & students have a lot to catch up to. But a principal, being an apex of the institution, faces many challenges on a daily basis, which may be taxing. Below are listed some challenges a 21st century principal faces and how an education management software can help overcome the same.

Managing Paperwork

Although many organizations including institutions like schools, colleges and universities have implemented measures to reduce the consumption of paperwork but they are still a long way from eliminating paperwork considerably. From admission forms to fee receipts and student information most of the important data is stored in print that is on paper. Information on paper is not only vulnerable to threats such as manipulation, theft or misplacing but also is very difficult to locate quickly and also requires a considerable amount of space.

An efficient, constructive and organized education ERP reduces all your paperwork and gives you the right tools to manage data efficiently. It organizes your data in the most constructive way and helps you use it to your advantage. It keeps track of everything, every task going on inside the campus and thereby gives you complete control over each process. Moreover, it streamlines all the processes so that repetitive and unnecessary work can be eliminated, hence improving overall productivity by removing paperwork.

Systematic Scheduling

An organization, such as an educational institution, works strictly according to a set schedule. The dependency on this schedule is so much so that even if one thing goes out of place the whole process may go awry. This not only hampers with the set processes but also is a huge obstacle when academic and administrative goals are concerned.

To make sure that every process is being carried out smoothly, a systematic schedule must be made and there must be some tool or technique to regulate and monitor the same. A campus management system allows you to define each process and all the tasks involved in it in a sequential manner. This ensures that every activity goes through a proper, predefined path. This helps you greatly in sticking to the schedule and achieving your goals not only in time but also in the best possible manner.

Timely Decision Making

Imagine taking a decision related to examination after the end of the scholastic year. Or maybe redesigning a curriculum at the last moment that leaves no time for your faculty to prepare for it. In other words, a decision is only as effective as it is well timed. Timely decision making is one of the key responsibilities of a digital age principal because the one characteristic unique to the digital age is rapid technological changes and prompt growth of any student along with institution depends largely on decisions pertaining to these changes as well.

Predicting future trends, monitoring current growth, tracking things such as attendance count, admissions count from a particular region, and many more can help you determine what is beneficial for you, which areas you need to focus on, what works for you and what doesn't. A competent enough ERP provides you with dashboard management system which are nothing but business intelligence tools. The dashboards give you accurate and concise data-driven insight into your institution and help you take timely decisions which can prove extremely beneficial to you.

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