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Drive institutional progress efficiently

with customizable school management software



The solution can be customized to suit any kind of processes, regulations and requirements and hence provides a tailored ERP covering all the needs.



Monitor, analyze and track data with graphical reports using dashboards. Powerful analytic tools provide real-time actionable data.



Store, process and manage any amount of data with highly scalable systems without any effect on the reliability, efficiency and security.

Streamline, Automate and Optimize

Put all your resources to the best possible use through automation and streamline all the processes.

Students and parents today need a K12 management system packed with the latest technology stack which provides easier data accessibility and flexibility.

MasterSoft K12 Management System has all the tools and features to aid in creating a truly connected campus. Smart integration and real-time data sharing platforms enable higher departmental transparency and gives you complete control.


Target potential leads through effective personalization via the smart lead management system efficiently.

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Manage faculty operations like payroll, service book. Hire staff online via E-recruitment portal transparently.

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Create a database to harness all your student related data and manage daily school life productively.

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Drive pupil progress by eliminating needless manual processes with the help of ERP constructively.

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Solution For K12 Management

The solution facilitates easier operations for teachers, administrators and parents and
keeps everyone in the connectivity loop.

  • Seamless Communication

    Speedy communication across different departments facilitate enhanced efficiency. Parents have access to key information regarding their ward.

  • Dynamic Modules

    Different modules designed as per the specific processes ensure maximum constructivity. Robust yet agile modules provide reliability.

  • Goal Oriented Processes

    Increase the student success rate and drive progress by removing needless manual practices and focus on actual goals rather than on mundane tasks.

  • Higher Productivity

    Integrated systems facilitate smooth data flow across several systems, thereby reducing rework and increasing productivity.

  • Configurable

    Ensure that all the processes are defined as per your requirements with the configurable systems which are agile.

  • Secure

    Data security is ensured with the help of strong encryption and multiple layers of security. Protect key data with role-based access.

How To Choose A Cloud-based Service Vendor

How To Choose A Cloud-based Service Vendor?

Undoubtedly cloud offers more flexibility in terms of accountability, security and scalability. A large number of cloud service providers have entered the market more recently. Since choosing a cloud service provider is a crucial and long-term decision.

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MasterSoft Success Stories

MasterSoft School Management Software gives schools the means to monitor crucial activities.
Connectivity across different departments is maintained with a centralized ERP which facilitates easy data sharing and makes the processes more manageable.
This paved way for a truly connected campus boosting student success.

Drive Progress With a Comprehensive Education ERP

A combination of streamlined processes, data-driven analytics, secured information storage and hassle-free data management along with latest technology stack gives schools the best remedy to drive pupil and overall progress.

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