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Strategize and Implement Processes with Robust ERP


Analytics Enabled

Gain actionable insights on the go with workflow-based solutions containing BI tools and dashboards.

Streamlined Operations

Streamlined Operations

Align processes and define every procedure in the system to streamline operations and improve productivity.

Reduced Hassle

Reduced Hassle

Digitalize your campus and access all kinds of information from anywhere via web login and mobile applications.

Increase Productivity With Paperless Solutions

Store all the information and data in the ERP and create a structured and centralized database which can be accessed from anywhere in real-time.

The paperless solutions enable the institution to deploy the latest technology stack and work even from a mobile app. Segregate data department-wise to ensure enhanced data security and maintain modular autonomy.

Eliminate paperwork, rework and data redundancy completely with the help of integrated systems. Get all kinds of reports in the required terminology and specification with the help of configurable report-fields in merely a few clicks.

Speed up the processes with automation and consequently streamlined operations, reduce hassle and workload on faculty and staff and ultimately increase productivity.


Reach potential targets, nourish and convert them via compatible lead management system.

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Manage faculty attendance and leave. monitor progress and generate reports instantly.

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Maintain student records, gain crucial insights and ensure continuous academic progress.

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Integrate administrative and academic life cycles, dynamically, and produce better outcomes.

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Key reasons you should go with MasterSoft
Higher Ed Solutions


Years of rich and varied experience in the education industry.


Million student data is being handled securely and efficiently.


Educational campuses automated with the latest technology stack.

Deploy smart tools to manage processes effortlessly

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An Ideal Solution For Higher Ed Management

  • Boost Inter-Departmental Engagement

    The centrally located database is accessible from anywhere in or out of the campus. It interlinks all the academic and non academic departments and facilitates effective interdepartmental communication.

  • Access Data Instantly

    All the information is stored in a centralized database which is hosted on cloud and hence can be easily accessed from anywhere using secured login. Perform any activity with the data and it gets reflected in the ERP in real-time.

  • Improve Student-Teacher Communication

    Empower teachers with the latest technology stack such as mobile apps to meet the rising student expectations. Notify students on the go and engage them efficiently.

  • Gain Control Via Tools

    Monitor every activity in real-time via a single platform. Get details of and information on any and every activity across the campus with a single login and analyze with accuracy.

  • Deploy Latest Technology Stack

    Establish a perfect balance of modern technology and institutional best practices to enhance student, faculty and institutional life cycles. Deploy mobile apps, auto-triggered SMS, Email and app notifications to increase student engagement.

  • Ensure Data Security

    Protect sensitive data from potential internal and external threats and avoid data security breach with the help of multiple layers of encryption, reliable security tools, role-based access and automatic backups.

Best Practices To Follow While Implementing Education ERP

Best Practices To Follow While Implementing Education ERP

An educational institution is one of the founding pillars of any society, and it must be agile enough to keep up with the ever-changing scenarios and robust enough to not lose its true meaning, values and principles.

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