Multi Academy Trust Management System

Multi Academy Trust Management System
Anand Shirke January 20, 2020

How the MasterSoft Trust Management System can benefit your Multi-Academy Trust

You will agree that managing the mountainous data generated by your Multi Academy Trust can be a daunting task! Education software solutions by MasterSoft can make data management in school groups or academies, spread across multiple campuses, a simple and smooth operation. The benefits of an efficient, intelligent and intuitive management system flow down to all stakeholders in your Trust - from the directors to the committees heading each department, to the teachers, parents and students.

It would be worthwhile here to take an in-depth look at the advantages of investing in a smart Trust Management System.

  • Supports decision-making: A large Trust needs leaders who can make and execute tactical and critical decisions competently. The process of decision-making needs powerful analytic support tools. The review or formulation of policies and regulations, initiatives regarding funding or human resource management are all based on decisions that can shape the future of your academies.

    MasterSoft's Trust Management System is capable of collating data from multiple campuses, consolidating it and loading it methodically onto a single platform. This centralized database can give you a complete picture of any aspect of Trust Management. For instance, when you get a consolidated picture of finances across the academies in your Trust, you can identify areas where funding is inadequate or where there is redundancy and take appropriate measures. Our educational erp solution is also integrated with analytics dashboards which generate accurate reports. Accurate graphic reports give you the insight to identify core issues and then work on them. Admissions data, staff deployment data, departmental information, student data - the system collates, classifies and analyzes all information with precision and speed, leading to insights that aid effective decision-making.

  • Ensures data security: More academies mean more data. Educators and directors of multi campus groups have been spending sleepless nights over the twin issues of data theft and breach of privacy. The privacy and security of your students and staff is a responsibility that cannot be taken lightly. Only a powerful student information management system with up-to-the-minute security tools and policies in place can keep data safe from threats. MasterSoft's Trust Management System is precisely such a system. It has a provision for role-based access that gives the administration authority to limit data access. Moreover, it has a facility for OTP (One Time Password) and a mature encryption technology which can ward off threats of data loss, breach, hijacking of accounts and cryptojacking most effectively.
  • Provides for uninterrupted accessibility: Easier access to data from remote locations is a useful feature of our cloud-based software solution. By making data accessible anywhere, anytime, you can access departmental data from a foreign land or while commuting. Consistent access to faculty information, departmental information, student data, and admission data from any campus across your Trust prevents delay in gaining insight on a particular problem, tackling emergent situations diligently, making quick decisions on critical issues and keeping channels of communication open with all stakeholders. Students feel nourished and secure, parental engagement improves and no school within the Trust is neglected. Consistent accessibility paves the way for an uninterrupted, smooth syncing of all institutional information.

    When accessibility increases, data is preserved and protected from breach of privacy, theft, loss or misuse. The need for printouts, temporary backups or insecure email transmissions is eliminated or significantly reduced when all information is accessible at all times. Thus, accessibility and data integrity go hand in hand.

    This system can resolve many issues currently faced by Multi Academy Trusts. Insightful, intuitive, accessible and safe, it will enable you to monitor and improve educational standards and financial performance, by reaching informed decisions based on the reports it generates through its BI powered analytic dashboards. It facilitates communication and engages parents, students and teachers in all relevant curricular and co-curricular activities. Most importantly, it places a premium on the security and privacy of institutional information. The overarching responsibility of the governors of a MAT towards education and standards, finance and resources, risk and audit, remuneration and HR, in brief, every department of the MAT can thus be discharged ably and thoroughly.

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