Comprehensive System Covering Each Lifecycle

Automate tasks with user-friendly system.
Manage everything on a centralized platform with seamless interdepartmental connectivity while maintaining modular autonomy.

student data protection

Student data protection

Ensure student data security with role-based access, improved visibility, strong encryption and backups.

state regulatory compliance

State regulatory compliance

Stay compliant with all sorts of accurate reports which can be configured to suit specific terminology.

tailor-made solutions

Automated solutions

Automate all activities across the campus with configurable solutions which enable speedy onboarding and implementation.

Manage All Activities precisely with
student information management system

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Admissions Management System


Create admission notifications in the ERP and publish it online. Collected applications are reflected in the ERP which form the database for merit list generation. System-generated offer letters can be sent to the prospects, via Email, in a single click through the pre admission management system.


Fetch data and general details from the lead management system. Create registration IDs and collect fees online with integrated online fee collection portals or offline. Confirm admissions after fee collection.


Generate enrollment numbers for confirmed admissions either individually or in bulk. Generate and print ID cards on the spot in a click. Create a database of student information and streamline all further tasks.



Fee Management System

Define fee types

Define types of fee; tuition fee, examination fee, hostel fee, transport fee/bus fee, etc. in the system. Define receipt types against different parameters. Configure fee rules. Create demand for students.

Fee collection

Collect fees online, offline or via counter collection. Integrated online payment gateways and wallets for collecting fees online. Define installments, if needed. Get all the fee details at one place.

Other utilities

Do a lot more than just fee collection. Perform activities like fee refund, fee write-off, fine collection, fee clearance, etc. Manage scholarships and generate all kinds of reports related to fee and outstanding fee.

Hostel Management

Hostel admission

Define hostel details such as number of hostels, blocks, rooms, goods, etc. Invite applications for hostel admissions online via the hostel management system. Rooms can automatically be allotted to students on either first-come-first-serve basis or on merit basis.

Mess management

Create a database for mess management and allot mess to students. Store information regarding mess employees and mess-store in the system. Generate monthly expenditure and calculate mess bill for each student.

Hostel accounts

Automate hostel fee collection with the ERP by defining all types of hostel fees. Fines and hostel expenses can also be managed within the system. Generate demand and collect fees online. Integrate online payment portals. Budgets can also be allotted.

Other utilities

Manage all the hostel activities such as hostel attendance, hostel staff payroll, hostel staff service book, etc. from anywhere. Rooms can also be allotted to guests and visitor management can also be done. SMS and Email notifications can be triggered as per requirement.

hostel management

bus management system

Bus Management

Vehicle management

Create a database by storing vehicle information such as general details, servicing details, insurance details along with driver details, in the ERP. Trigger automated alerts and reminders for upcoming insurances and servicings, etc.

Bus tracking

Define routes and pick up points in the system and check the shortest possible route. Bus can be tracked live using atcovation app, by both the school and the parents.


Manage vehicle fees and all kinds of payments such as vehicle repair and servicing, driver payments, etc. at a single place. Online payment portals can also be integrated with the module to digitalize the fee collection and payment process.


Send notifications to parents prior to the bus arrival and departure, so that they can be prepared to drop and receive their wards. Parents can also be notified about their child’s bus attendance to ensure maximum student security.

School Data Dashboard


Access specific information using the data stored in the ERP and get quick reports. Configure the reports and get required data related to fees, student attendance, hostel, transport etc. instantly. Real-time data can be accessed from anywhere.

Graphical analysis

Get actionable insights in the form of graphical data which can be easily analyzed without any calculations. The comprehensive dashboards cover all the details which are required and enable effortless navigation throughout.


Use filters available in the school dashboards to get compliance-ready reports. Integrated with all the modules, the dashboards help in better and timely decision making and also act as tools to find out whether the decisions are effective or not.

Role-based access

Ensure student data security with role-based access to the dashboards. The user dashboard is provided to the teachers or the concerned authority which shows information related to only specific areas. Whereas, the admin dashboards show all kinds of information.

school data dashboard




Interactive Teaching-Learning Environment is an online teaching-learning process supported by a rich set of online tools and resources which include online tests, e-library, assignments, virtual notice boards, discussion forums, etc. to facilitate student-teacher interaction.


The faculty can create teaching materials such as syllabus, teaching plan, lecture notes, question banks, e-library links, etc. from anywhere. Teachers can also share assignments, make announcements and evaluate assignments and answers.


The students can access all the study resources such as assignments, syllabus, lecture notes, e-library and teaching plan, shared by the teacher. Students can also appear for online tests, ask questions, view replies and participate in forum and chatting.

Examination management system


Define the complete examination process in the ERP, including details like class-wise exam scheme, subjects, maximum and minimum passing marks, grace rules, grading criteria, passing criteria, and all the key information.

Time table and seating plan

Create exam time tables for all the classes. Assign invigilation duties. Define seating plans by mapping teachers, students facilities and subjects as per institute rules. Print necessary exam collaterals like attendance sheets, seating arrangement plans, etc.


Create an exam database by storing details such as marks scored by the students subject-wise, grades. Consolidated mark entry; mismatch mark entry can be viewed and necessary changes can be made by authorized persons.

Result processing

Process results, with the ERP, once the mark entry has been checked and approved. Results can be published on the website and can also be made available on the mobile app. SMS, Email or App Push Notifications can be sent to parents regarding the same.

examination management

administration management

Student Administration Management system

Student information

Process all the academic information of students from a centralized module which is capable of sorting and organizing student data while maintaining student data security. Allot sections, enrollment numbers to students. Keep track of dues and fines.

Document management

Maintain a directory of student documents such as certificates, previous exams, TCs, extra-curricular activities, etc. and access these from anywhere. Certificates can also be issued to students and records of the same can be maintained within the student administration system.


Generate various types of reports like student admission register, attendance sheet, student lists, etc. Society level reports along with MIS reports can also be generated and the same can be exported in excel, or PDF formats to enable easy data sharing.

Other utilities

Make changes and update student information using the system, which gets reflected in all the other systems simultaneously. Activities like student year-end/ semester-end promotions, academic performance updation, etc. can be performed using the system.

Attendance Management System

Time table

Create a slot based time table automatically by defining subjects, classes and facilities in the system. Respective time table of students, faculties and occupancy of facilities is visible to teachers in their respective logins.


Mark attendance in any way suitable to you such as,manually, via biometric, RFID or mobile application. Teachers can view class-wise,pupil-wise attendance through their respective logins.


The attendance management system can be integrated with devices like RFID or biometrics to enable quick data sharing. Send auto SMS, Email or App Push Notifications to parents informing them about attendance.

attendance management

school mobile apps

School Mobile Apps & Portals


Manage attendance, notify parents, share resources such as documents, pictures, videos with Atcovation - a School Mobile App, in mere seconds. Homework, assignment and project details can also be shared with students and parents using the app.


Integrate all the fee collection modules such as tuition fee, hostel fee, transport fee, etc. with feepayr which is an online fee collection portal. Keep track of all the fee details via a single platform which supports all modes of online payments.


Search for any book inside or outside the school library from anywhere using M-OPAC (Mobile-Open Public Access Catalogue). Students can also search rare books and ask for book reservation or inter-library loan using M-OPAC.

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