Engage, Nourish and Convert Each Lead

Give each lead the time and attention it needs with the help of timely alerts,
reminders, details of follow-up history and real-time accurate information.

auto lead assignment

Auto Lead Assignment

Distribute and assign leads automatically based on certain parameters as per your specification.

activities and alerts

Activities and Alerts

Get alerts about important actions or events defined by you. Keep track of all the key activities.

source tracking

Source Tracking

Track the lead generation channel and evaluate the success of your campaigns.

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Campaign Management

Run and manage multiple recruiting campaigns on the CRM based system and track your success. Multiple recruiting campaigns can be created for various segments of students and parents.

The system facilitates several types of campaigns such as email marketing, Adwords, SMS/MMS marketing, traditional marketing, etc. There can be multiple campaign stages in each campaign. For instance, the first interaction can be an email, then the next could be a telephonic interaction and so on.

Additionally, the campaign data can be segmented into multiple categories such as students, and prospects. Different kinds of promotional content can be sent accordingly.

The powerful analytic tools and dashboards allow you to keep track of each lead in every way. Similarly, you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and even evaluate your return on investment.

Lead Capture Automation

Create a centralized and structured lead database by automating all the lead generation activities.

Capture leads via multiple channels such as offline, walk-in, online, social media webinars, email marketing, paid campaigns and multiple other sources in the ERP.

Manage large volumes of leads easily at a single platform. The lead management system automatically tracks the lead data from all the sources and lets you easily process and organize it for further lead nourishment.

This ensures that no lead is leaked or goes unattended. Also, the source of the lead is tracked, which gives you real-time insights about the campaigns, their progress, reach, and conversion rates from that channel. This helps you to select the best target location and potential audience.



Lead Nourishment

Nourish the lead after the lead data has been captured by the system.

Lead nourishing is done by collecting as much information about the prospect as possible via public channels such as social media or any other digital platform. This makes sure that your team doesn’t have to spend a lot of time in gathering data and doing manual data entry.

The lead tracking software also monitors the activities of your lead on your website such as the viewed pages, clicked links and downloaded materials. This gives you an insight about the lead’s interests and behaviour which then helps you to plan a strategy accordingly.

Lead Distribution & Follow-up

The system assign leads to concerned representative automatically based on class, region, territory, district or anyway as required.

This ensures that the specific leads are contacted by the appropriate institute executive, who can further follow-up with the lead productively. The follow-up history and details are stored by the system.

Workflows can be employed to trigger reminders for further communication and subsequent follow-ups to all respective Institute representatives.

The follow-up history helps in understanding the lead requirement and behaviour, which in turn aids in proper lead nurturing.

Multiple follow-ups and user-defined rules enable you to work as per your requirement.



Lead Closure

The system is intuitive and helps you easily identify the ageing leads. Nurture such leads by sending promotional content, useful resources, testimonials, etc. and gently push them for the admission with the education ERP.

Converted leads are saved as closed leads in the system which indicates that there are no pending activities to be done on that lead.

Once converted and closed, the lead data is transferred to the admission management system for further processing.

Analyze leads with ease

The lead management software has two categories of dashboards based on user specific needs - the User dashboard and the Admin dashboard.

User Dashboard

Each institute executive has a User dashboard using which the entire status of all the leads assigned to him can be viewed at once.

Information about number of enquiries, follow-up leads, closed leads can be viewed region-wise, territory-wise,etc. This helps the user to quickly view the status and take appropriate decisions or actions.

Admin Dashboard

The admin or the chief admissions officer can view the status of all the leads at one place using the admin dashboard.

The admin can view key information such as district-wise, state-wise,or gender-wise leads along with source of inquiries.

Data related to individual user dashboards is also available on the admin dashboard.


Lead Management Features Overview

  • Reminders

    Set reminders as per your convenience and get notified about the same on your email or phone.

  • Excel Import Export

    Import or export any kind of information using excel sheets. Configure it as per your needs.

  • Lead History

    View the lead follow-up history in one place and make strategic decisions for further communication.

  • Email/SMS Notifications

    Send or receive Email or SMS notifications on important events or deadlines so that none of the leads are missed.

  • Integration With Admission Module

    Export all the details of the lead, in a single click, to the admission module once the lead has been converted.

  • Configurable Dashboards

    Configure the user or admin dashboards to suit the required workflows and terminology and to achieve the most out of the system.

How Significant Is Lead Management Software For Student Recruitment?

How Significant Is Lead Management Software For Student Recruitment?

Recruiting students - the first and most important step towards obtaining institutional goals successfully. As today's prospects will become tomorrow's alumni and they will be the ones to define the success parameters of your institution.

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