Integrated ERP Enable Speedy Operations

Automate faculty operations to achieve optimum transparency.
Enable data to flow smoothly across several systems, avoiding rework and achieve complete control over each process.

quick operations

Quick operations

Eliminate needless manual work with digitalized systems capable of tracking data in real-time and organizing it accordingly.

accurate reports

Accurate reports

Generate a variety of configured reports, and get all the information in the required format needed to stay compliant.

analytic tools

Analytic tools

Analyze data with configurable dashboards which show crucial information in statistical format improving data visibility.

Ensure smoother faculty operations with the smart ERP

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Human Resources Management System

The Human Resources Management System consists of E-recruitment system, faculty attendance management system, faculty leave management system, faculty service book along with payroll management system. The HRMS module is also integrated with the Accounts module, which facilitates smoother payroll distribution.

E-recruitment Management System

Recruit faculty without any paperwork or administrative hassle with the E-recruitment module. Create vacancies in the module by defining basic requirements like the number of posts, qualification, required experience, etc.

Interested candidates can apply online. These applications can be viewed and approved by the scrutiny committee and auto Emails can be sent to the selected candidates for the interview via the system.

Conduct interview rounds, short-list candidates, which are visible in the respective logins of the authorities for approval. Generate appointment letters.

This data can be transferred to the service book in ERP and other faculty modules, which reduces manual data entry.

e-recruitment faculty

attendance management faculty

Attendance Management System

Automate faculty attendance with the help of biometric readers and maintain precise attendance records of each faculty.

Register faculty on biometric devices which are integrated with attendance server, automating faculty attendance. The data of recorded attendance is passed across various sub-modules to calculate various aspects such as payroll, leaves etc.

Rules related to shift timings, late coming, early going, late mark, etc. can be configured, which consequently calculate the monthly payroll and keeps a track of leaves.

Generate various reports such as biometric login logout details, late coming faculty report, early going faculty report, monthly attendance report, etc. within a few clicks with the ERP.

Leave Management System

Deploy system based processes and automate faculty leave management with the ERP. Define leaves, leave rules, leave approval authorities, leave types, leave deduction sequence, etc. in the system.

Faculty can apply for leave online with their respective logins which get reflected at the admin login and the same can either be approved or rejected by the leave sanctioning authority. Maintain leave opening balance record for each faculty.

On-duty leave application and sanctioning can also be managed with the system. Periodic crediting of leaves can be automated, flexible leave sanction authorities and paths can be defined by the user. Monthly leaves are calculated for each faculty by the ERP.

Crucial reports such as monthly leave, leave status, leave details, leave allotment, leave applied, etc. can be generated instantly by the system, which also gets reflected in the BI dashboards.

leave management faculty

service book

Service book

Maintain a database of the entire faculty lifecycle using the service book module. Create new employee record and all major & minor details starting from personal details, financial details, performance to qualifications, qualifying services, and increments, leaves get stored in the service book. The management can view the file, having updated details, anytime.

Details related to loans and advances, nominations, disciplinary actions, pay revisions and increments, leaves, promotions, transfer, training and conferences attended or conducted, etc. can be stored in the service book.

A document repository is maintained in the system which can store the documents and important files of the faculty. Employee appraisals are maintained by the system, wherein the faculty can apply for self-appraisal online, which can be evaluated and sanctioned by the concerned authorities online. Appraisal reports can also be generated.

Payroll management system

Automate salary calculation and payroll generation, with the ERP, by defining pay rules in the system such as pay rule, pay scale, pay heads, earning and deduction rules, appointment, subheads and supplementary heads in the system.

Unlimited earning and deduction heads can be defined in the system. Key processes such as arrears calculation and salary processing are managed by the ERP, which extracts data from the integrated leave management and attendance management modules.

Once the salary is processed, it can be locked and the data can be transferred to the accounts module for further processing and distribution.

Various configurable payroll reports like pay slips, salary certificates, salary register, abstract, bank statements, deductions, attendance report, annual salary report etc.can be generated. MIS reports according to payscale, designation, etc.can also be produced with the ERP.

payroll management

Faculty Management Features

  • Tax calculation

    The system calculates any kind of taxes automatically by applying the rules and specifications as defined by the user.

  • Faculty loans

    Store details regarding faculty loans in the system, which automatically deducts the appropriate amount during salary processing.

  • Integration with the accounts module

    The system can be integrated with the accounts module to facilitate automated salary distribution.

  • Export Reports

    All the reports can be exported in the word, PDF, or excel formats which enable easy information dissemination.

  • Auto-triggered notifications

    Send or receive auto-triggered SMS or Email notifications at various events occurring in the ERP and stay updated all the time.

  • Data Protection

    Ensure data protection with role-based access to the system and data security with the help of strong encryption and password protection.

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