Enhance productivity with Higher Ed ERP

Monitor each process such as library, occurring throughout the campus from a single place.
Integrated modules along with a structured database enable easy information dissemination and seamless communication which facilitate enhanced productivity.


Dashboards & Analytics

Penetrate deeper into the processes and gain actual insights with dashboards and analytic tools. Access and assess information from anywhere using Mobile Apps.


Configurable Reports

Configure all kinds of reports in the required terminology and format to suit the institute specifications and ensure


Faster Operations

Align people and processes with the ERP enabling faster operations. Ensure the right people are engaged in the specific tasks by assigning activities.

Integrate system to enable smoother operations.

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Library Management System

Accessioning & Cataloguing

Computerize the library activities such as book requisition, procurement, invoicing, accessioning, cataloguing, etc. with the library management system. Manage book binding, withdrawal, write-off, stock verification and indexing with the ERP.


Manage circulation activities with the computerized library along with other activities like fine management, book bank, clearance notices, etc. Send due date reminders via SMS, Email or App notifications to patrons.


Web OPAC - Online Public Access Catalogue enables quick search for information regarding documents and books by deploying powerful search tools. Search for any book or document using simple details like title, publisher, subject, author, etc.

MIS Reports

Accession register, barcode, QR code & spine labels, circulation register, biner orders, etc. can be generated in merely a few clicks with the ERP. Manage monthly newspaper bills, journal bills, expected arrivals, and budget analysis with the module.

library management

account management

Accounts management system

Account Creation

Defining cash books, ledger heads, main and sub-heads, receipt types, financial years, etc. in the ERP and create a comprehensive accounts database. Define flexible budget heads and subheads for planned and unplanned expenditures.


Manage daily accounting activities and entries such as voucher entries via a centralized accounts ERP and eliminate rework. Make all kinds of payments such as payments to staff and vendors, refund of fees and even scholarships and funds from a single platform.

Accounts Reports

Generate accurate account reports such as cash-bank-ledgers, day book ledgers, trial balance, income and expenditure statement, balance sheet, and receipt and payment statement with the integrated accounts ERP which provides real-time data.


Integrate the accounts ERP with various other modules like fees, hostel, stores, payroll and bus modules to computerize all the accounting and payment activities. Enable smooth data flow between separate modules to facilitate quick operations.

Purchase & Store Management System

Requisition and approval

The requisition created online by the faculty or department goes through a passing authority path and gets subsequent approval or rejection by various predefined authorities. Notify the concerned persons with auto-triggered SMS/Email notifications.

Indent & PO Preparation

Create an indent for the requested items after their approval. Request for quotations from various vendors online. Generate a comparative statement which suggests the items to be purchased from specific vendors.

Supply and Issue

Issue a gate pass to the supply vehicle carrying goods. Check the quantity and quality of the goods supplied by the vendor and generate an invoice. Once the stock of goods has been approved, issue the requested items to the respective departments.

Notifications & Reports

Trigger notifications and alerts at various important events like approval or rejection of requisition, reorder level alert, etc. with the ERP. Generate various reports such as dead stock register, item ledger, item-wise investment, balance quantity report, etc.

store management

account management

General Administration Management System

File Management System

Document Management System

Meeting Management

Dispatch & Diary Management

Repair & Maintenance

Estate/Quarter Management

Vehicle Management

Facility Management

Legal Matter

Engineering Unit

Health Centre Management System

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