Can Technology Relieve the High Volume of Stress During Exam Time?

Can Technology Relieve the High Volume of Stress During Exam Time?
Anand Shirke March 07, 2020

If we compare the last generation kids with today's generation, so many things have transformed, somewhat we can say evolved with time. However, there's one thing that's still common - "Exam Stress!" Yes! Even though today's parents have become more compassionate and understanding towards the kid's schooling journey, they still get stressed to the extent of anxiety! Not just parents, but children also experience a high volume of stress levels as the exams approach.

Some might put up a brave front saying -

"Ah! Everything's cool."
"Grades don't define success!"

Surprisingly the reality is different. Everything during the learning process matters! Sometimes the stress may lead to panic attacks & develop a fear of failure & pessimistic attitude in young minds. Therefore, it is imperative to address the monster of exam stress. Experts consider that education technology can be a boon for relieving the enhanced tension in children and, likewise, suggest parents & educators use edTech.

Let's see how exactly education ERP technology works in alleviating high exam stress...

  1. Virtual Therapy via Social Media to Boost Mood

    Virtual Therapy via Social Media to Boost Mood

    As the pressure on children to perform well is quite high, they have become more vulnerable to attract negativity. Parents boasting of their kid's grade card on social media, children themselves stalking profiles of top-performing students, and cultivating inferiority complex, especially the college-going students, have become a generalized norm. The sole realization that one doesn't need to compete with others, but to make themselves better than they were yesterday, needs to be ingrained in the minds of the young generation.

    The best way to reach thousands of students at a go is to utilize social media and inspire them. The same platform that's spreading negativity can be used to spread positivity. Educators can post inspiring things, videos, and e-content that would help students understand that it's good to practice healthy competition. This could be the greatest thing a K12 and higher Ed faculty could do with technology! It will surely help in reducing the tension that students face during exam time.

  2. AI-Powered Performance Mapping Tools

    AI-Powered Performance Mapping Tools

    A campus automation system can organize the entire teaching-learning process of an institution. Despite so many ERP vendors offering the best edTech tools for the classroom, educators still doubt the student data security. Of course, institutional data security is a point of concern, but with the right choice of student information management system, you can trust the universe and take a long jump!

    To make the selection tranquil, I suggest you choose a cloud-hosted ERP with AI-powered student performance mapping tools. Mapping tools such as the KPI dashboard can help you brainstorm regarding the best performing areas of your students alongside the weak areas that need more focus. As a whole entity, you can figure out the difficult subjects that need more revision during exams.

  3. Online Timetable Management Software for Proper Planning

    Online Timetable Management Software for Proper Planning

    It's always easy to blame students who don't study the entire year & then get hyper when the season of exams approaches. However, there's one more subtle factor, hard to digest but contributes equally, and that is - incomplete curriculum. Student's tension can get double when the faculty fails at the job of teaching! Teaching is the primary stepping stone to student progress. If a faculty does his/her job genuinely, half of the tension gets reduced there and then, agree?

    Having said that, the teachers' role is just not limited to teaching. With administrative tasks, attendance management, and a similar workload on their head, they are required to multi-task. Here, in such instances, educators need to provide them with an online timetable management system where they can schedule their day-to-day tasks & follow a productive routine.

  4. Teachers at Your Service 24*7

    Teachers at Your Service 24*7

    Students often seek the guidance of their faculty when they start final preparations, usually a month before the exam. However, during this period, faculty members are engrossed in the pre-examination arrangements. Sorting seat numbers, preparing a list of students, collecting exam data, etc comes up on their priority. Proposing an education ERP integrated with the exam management system can be super helpful for K12 faculty.

    With an examination management system, a lot of time could be saved and can be redirected to collaborating with students. Teachers can try conducting online e-learning classes and help students to revise their curriculum & dissolve doubts they might be facing. The greatest advantage students will get is that they don't need to step out of their house and waste even a single second traveling! They can just open their portal & sign-in to stay in the loop. To help students learn better, without feeling the exam pressure, teachers can also add some fun quizzes on the portal!

To Sum Up

The right approach and the right technology can keep the students in the right mindset!

Don't you feel that exam stress can be coped up smoothly with edTech? If you second my suggestions and want to make streets ahead of your decision then, do get in touch! I'll help you in choosing the best education ERP for your institution without charging a penny!

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