EdTech Can Promote Good Mental Health Development in Kids

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Gurudev Somani February 29, 2020

In today's day & age, almost everyone is well-aware of how vital mental health is. Unlike the last decade, talking about mental health issues has broken the shell of shame & no longer considered as a taboo. Most of the working professionals experiencing trouble or any sort of stress are freely seeking help. Still, when it comes to kids, no one ever talks about it. Forget about talking, people don't even realize that kids can too suffer mental health problems at a young age!

According to a School Report by BBC:

"70% of the students ranging from the age of 11 to 16 years have experienced negative vibes causing a feeling of anxiousness, unsafe environment, and sadness."

Don't you feel that, as adults, it's we who've indirectly contributed to such a huge number of children suffering? Admit it or not but it's our ignorance towards kids which is diminishing their innocence at an early age. Keeping the young kids safe - "Emotionally, Physically, and Mentally" should be at the heart of whatever we do! To help you deal with this situation & save your little child from encountering bullying, harassment, shame, stigma, depression or any other kind of mental problem, we have put together some essential ideas that would explain how edTech can promote good mental health development in kids.

Teach what Appropriate is & what's not!

"I don't want to talk to you. Just go away!"

A child who's always been cheerful and happy suddenly starts being moody and grumpy all the time. When it happens, most of the teachers don't take their behavior seriously. They assume it's just a growing phase and they'll get alright with time.

Dear faculty, you need to understand that it's not normal! It might be because of some hidden problems like physical abuse that the child is not able to articulate. To stop letting such issues arise, you can take the help of a school management system with e-learning tools. By preparing a PowerPoint presentation or a short video, you can explain to the kids what's appropriate & what's not. You can make them understand the difference between - a good touch & a bad touch. Whenever anything happens the child will be prompted to reflect upon it.

Encourage Parental Communication

"The day at school was good."

Likely, a kid who's struggling with low self-esteem due to poor academic performance might not share his/her schooling life with parents. The kid might start to behave as if everything is super-smooth. Yeah! Despite internal issues, the child might pretend that everything is perfect. Just the opposite of the previous case we discussed!

Here, parents need to understand that sometimes, wards feel pressured whenever they're compared to other children. Even if you don't do it purposely, your lack of encouragement or harsh words can lead the kid to chronic depression from a young age. To save the kid from falling in the pitfall of depression, parents & teachers must stay in the loop via a school communication app. They must closely keep an eye on what's going on in the school. It will certainly fill the void & improve their relationship with the kids.

Equip You Library with e-Books on Mental Health

"I don't deserve to live anymore!"

Sometimes, children develop suicidal tendencies due to getting bullied at school and thinking that it is "just" them with whom unfortunate things are happening. Being innocent & extremely naive, they may take any inappropriate step out of fear. So, schools must take initiative and introduce e-books on mental issues in the library. A book that contains A-Z topics about mental health issues & solutions to overcome it can be highly beneficial for students as well as staff. The prime advantage of e-books is that students can access them from anywhere and at a time convenient to them.

Furthermore, to achieve mental health development in kids, teachers can arrange online teaching classes for discussing sensitive issues and in case of any problem, they may invite experienced therapists to heal the vulnerable mindset of a child.

Key Highlights

With the right guidance and support, children can recover & heal from even the major setbacks. They just need your love and support throughout their journey. Being a faculty, parent, or educator, you must focus on building a strong base for the kids & there's no better way than utilizing education technology to teach them to beat down the challenges that life throws at them.

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